Barracuda Backup has made my life easier, and improved our customer service.
Updated July 27, 2019

Barracuda Backup has made my life easier, and improved our customer service.

Josh McClelland | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with Barracuda Backup

I'm the project manager for a MSP. Not only do we utilize a Barracuda Backup Appliance in house, we utilize them for a number of our managed customers. The ability to monitor and control the devices through Barracuda's cloud has increased our efficiency dramatically. With all the options Barracuda provides, like replicating data to the cloud, or to another appliance at a remote site has been a huge selling point for our customers. As an example, one of the financial institutions we work with didn't want any of their data being replicated off network, we were able to deploy a second appliance at one of their other locations, having one replicate to the other keeping redundant backups in-house. Barracuda makes the setup process so easy, one of our level one techs can do the install, and at the same time provides our backup admins the ability to fine-tune a number of features. Restoring files is as simple, if not easier than some of the other backup solutions we utilized, and the ability to have the device restore an entire server to a virtualized cluster has been a life saver more times than I can count.
  • The Barracuda Backup is simple to install, setup, and administer. At the same time gives you plenty of options to customize your setup to fit your needs.
  • The restore process is much more simplified than many of the other backup solutions we've utilized.
  • The alerts, and reporting features and second to none. We'll often time know when a backup has failed, and have the issue corrected long before the customer brings it to our attention.
  • Barracuda's support team is great. Their intelligent, well versed in the product, and incredibly efficient.
  • In some of the older version of the software, drilling down to restore a single files was quite the process. It's still a little slow to this day, but improvements have been made.
  • It would be nice to have the ability to spin up a virtual machine directly on the backup appliance in the event of a failed server. At current time you need a Hyper-v or VMWare environment to restore a failed machine to.
  • Once you put the device in cloud control mode, some of your options are limited when you log directly into the local appliance. I personally would like to see all the options remain the same so I can administer the device the same remotely and I would sitting in front of it.
  • For a handful of our clients that have had a major outage, the Barracuda Backup has more than paid for itself in the downtime or lack thereof. We went from taking hours or days to bring a failed server back online to just a couple of hours.
  • The centralized management of all of the Barracuda Backups we have deployed for our clients has increased our efficiency dramatically. Before we would have to log into each server, and check backups, now we just log in to the dashboard and view over health instantly.
  • The reporting and notifications features make it worth every penny when I can take those backup reports to a client, and show them in hard numbers of what they're paying for, how it's improved their disaster recovery time, and save them money in service calls.
Each backup solution has its pros and cons, and each customer has their needs, and budget constraints. Barracuda Backup has helped us dramatically in the area of being able to provide customers a cost-effective solution, that's easy to manage and is one of those things you're not having to check on daily, or switch out backup tapes, or hard drives.
For larger environments, with virtual infrastructure in place, and the network bandwidth to support it, a Barracuda backup is great. It's easy to back up an entire cluster, or just a single server. When it comes to restoring or spinning up a downed machine, the Barracuda Backup is second to none in these sort of environments.
For the smaller clients, with budget concerns, only a few servers, not having the ability to spin up a failed server on the backup appliance itself is a little painful since we'd have to replace the physical hardware before getting services back online. I think having this ability would make for a great selling point to those smaller to medium size businesses that could benefit from this product.

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Multiple backup destinations
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Backup to the cloud
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Flexible deployment
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Management dashboard
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Evaluating Barracuda Backup and Competitors

Yes - We were using Windows backup, and swapping out backup hard drives before. Someone would have to take this hard drive offsite with them for security, and do this daily. Switching to a Barracuda Backup makes offsite backup a breeze. We just have our data uploaded to their cloud, keeping it simple, as well as not having to worry about a backup hard drive crashing.
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Centralized management. We went from having to check multiple servers on a regular basis, or even having a client tell us their backups were failing. To being able to log into a single dashboard and instantly tell how the backups are doing for all of our managed clients using a Barracuda Backup appliance. It's been great from a management perspective.
If I had to do it all over again, I don't think I'd change a thing. Everyone I've worked with from Barracuda has been knowledgeable, efficient, professional, and polite. We were able to review products before committing to a purchase, and decide if the solution proposed would be a good fit or not. And when we help clients make these sort of decisions, Barracuda is there to help every step of the way.