Beeline - an average VMS
October 14, 2016

Beeline - an average VMS

Elias Cobb | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Beeline VMS

As with most VMSs, I am a vendor user of the system. One of our long time clients has implemented Beeline. I actually utilized Beeline at a previous company as well, with a different end client, and had two different experiences. It is used to streamline the vendor management process, and to get a handle on consultants used and money spent on consulting by an organization.
  • Beeline does manage job requirements and vendors. Based on what I know, it allows managers to select vendors to work on different job requirements.
  • I like that there are some ATSs out there that integrate with Beeline. I assume that Beeline has opened their API to those ATS companies and allowed the integration - when set up, it is definitely helpful to a staffing vendor.
  • Beeline, like all VMSs, allows the end client to control costs and is supposed to be vendor agnostic and allow for an even playing field between vendors.
  • I assume this might be due to the implementation of it by the end client, but the version I use now is completely un-intuitive, if that's a word. It's the opposite of intuitive. Nothing is where you think it would be, and nothing flows easily.
  • I think it needs to be simplified. The staff augmentation process isn't difficult, and I think there should be a way to make that process somewhat separate from all the HR and reporting things that go on.
  • I can't comment on ROI for our individual business, as I am simply a user of the system rather than someone who implemented it as a VMS. I would imagine most companies who use it have realized a positive ROI mostly because it seems that the vendors are the ones who foot the bill, rather than the end client implementing it! It's easy to have a high ROI when your cost to implement is very low and paid by vendors.
Again, I didn't select Beeline, our clients did. But in comparing these products from a user perspective, I would rank Beeline about on par with the rest. IQNavigator and Fieldglass are probably the best ones, and Covendis is by far the worst. The rest are fairly similar, and all have many of the same issues. Most companies don't take the time (or the VMS doesn't allow them) to simplify the software for use. There are always a ton of unnecessary and unused features that are required to fill out, or require clicking through, and it honestly wastes a ton of time. I will say, though, that I have used Fieldglass for more than one client, and it is the easiest, every time.
Beeline does what it should, I think. It works as well as most VMSs for large corporations who have a lot of vendors and/or consultants they need to manage, and costs they need to control. I think any small to mid-size organization thinking of using Beeline should probably reconsider. It seems to me that the level of complexity and depth it offers would be much more than a small company would ever need.

Compared to other VMSs I have used....well, I'd rate it in the bottom half. It's better than some, but worse than most, in my opinion.