Brightpearl is useful, but it needs work.
Updated March 29, 2017

Brightpearl is useful, but it needs work.

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Overall Satisfaction with Brightpearl

I wasn't involved with implementing Brightpearl in our company. I do know that my manager and boss have other issues that they would like to be addressed with the program and they have discussed switching database programs. However, it does meet all of our needs in the company, we just have some issues that it would be nice if they could be worked out, so I don't think they will be switching programs any time soon.
I have not used Brightpearl customer support but I know that my manager and my boss have both tried to contact Brightpearl customer support on many occasions. They don't always get through and when they do, the customer support representative doesn't always answer all of their questions. Sometimes they even dismiss the questions and tell my manager that there's nothing wrong with the program and he should just try again.
At CGPhones there are at least 15 employees who use Brightpearl. I personally use Brightpearl to process returns. I search the name of the customer in sales, then I find their order number and open the order. I then check off the purchases that the customer is returning and clone them to sales credits. Then I check the cost to make sure it's correct, save it, credit the customer and accept the product back into inventory. Sometimes I may start a new line and accept the product back into PTG so that it can be checked and repaired before being placed back into active inventory. I also use it to look up contact information for customers; either addresses if I need to request a prepaid shipping label from the shipping department or the phone number and email if I need to send contact info to one of our wholesale representatives or email a customer myself. I also use it to allocate products for an order when someone sends back a return and wants a replacement. The sales department uses it to allocate products for large orders. The inventory department uses it to accept in the inventory. In addition, it is connected to our eBay account so that when a customer places an order, the product is automatically allocated under their name with their contact info. The issues that we have with brightpearl are that it doesn't always save the bin number or cost when we are changing the information for a product. It doesn't always allocate products which means sometimes we oversell. And if you try to search for a name and it is slightly misspelled or you need to include a middle name, you receive no results. One of the major issues we have is that we can't find a way to figure out how much credit a wholesale customer currently has in their account. Those are all of the current issues I can think of that would helpful if they were addressed.


  • It's very easy to learn and pretty self explanatory.
  • It connects many different departments so that we can all view each other's work and not have to repeat processes.
  • It allows me to look up information in many different ways.


  • It doesn't always save our work, like prices, bins and amounts.
  • It doesn't always allocate properly which causes us to oversell.
  • It won't allow more than 10 people to sign in at a time which prevents all of the employees that need it from being able to access it at the same time.
  • It has caused us to oversell our products because it didn't allocate them properly.
  • It has caused us to sell the wrong item for the wrong price.
  • It has helped with employee efficiency and customer service. As the only customer service representative in the company, I can attest to that fact.
As a database overall, I think it is very well suited for our business. I only wish that it was easier to learn the more in depth aspects of the program so that we can put it to even further good use. Like we can't figure out how much credit our wholesale customers have in order to tell them how much they can spend on their next wholesale order.

Brightpearl Reliability

Brightpearl's ability to increase or expand its capacity and retain its performance levels to accommodate growth were acceptable but not fantastic. The program was constantly making changes which can be useful, but was also confusing & hard to keep up with since we were never updated that changes were about to be made or had been made.


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