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Retail Management Systems

Retail management systems overview

What are retail management systems?

Retail Management Systems provides end-to-end automation and process management for retailers. Some vendors offer highly vertically specific feature sets (e.g. furniture), while other retail system vendors provide tools to support omnichannel retail sales and marketing of a more general nature.

In supporting retailers with physical store locations, many retail system vendors provide hybrid offerings of hardware and software. These may combine both cloud point-of-sale (PoS) along with a cash register, kiosk, or in-store PoS that integrates with the inventory controls contained within the same system. Alternately, other retail management vendors do not provide hardware but focus on automating backend systems (e.g. inventory, warehouse, and ordering) and integrate with a multitude of PoS systems offered by partners.

Some retail software vendors provide special feature sets for retailers who wish to manage their marketing under the same platform. These retailers provide a CRM with marketing automation and retail marketing (e.g. loyalty programs) to make their retail management more appealing vis-a-vis other vendors. Additionally, some RMS vendors offer advanced financial and inventory management and controls for retailers who coordinate activities across multiple retail sites.

Retail Management Software Features & Capabilities

Retail management systems (RMS) provide subsections or in some cases all of the following features:

  • Cloud Point-of-Sale (PoS)

  • In-store Point-of-Sale (kiosk, cash register, etc.)

  • Mobile PoS (software and/or tablet)

  • eCommerce website

  • CRM, integrates with PoS for customer tracking, remarketing

  • Inventory management (product bundling, size & color, offer management, etc)

  • Rental management (e.g. reservation setting, inventory updating on check-out & return, etc.)

  • Multichannel order management (e.g. ecommerce & in-store)

  • Sales order workflow, purchase order management (e.g. self-checkout)

  • Fulfillment and warehouse management system (e.g. barcode, shelving, restocking)

  • Integration or provided shipping management

  • Accounting & financial management

Pricing Information

Retail Management Systems (RMS) vary as widely in price as retailers do in size. An offering may be modular, containing components needed, and it may be structured around the kind of retailer it is meant to serve. Also, many RMS vendors provide software that includes extended financial and supply chain modules to support multi-site vendors.

RMS can be deployed either through cloud or on-premise solutions, and often include hardware generally available via perpetual licensing. For smaller retailers or SMBs desiring a simple solution, some RMS or retail PoS vendors offered straightforward preconfigured subscriptions, with integrations with similar vendors to provide end-to-end automation.

Retail Management Products

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Brightpearl is a Retail Operations Platform. Tightly integrated to all of your sales channels, a retail operations platform is where you run your business; connecting your sales orders, fulfillment, inventory management, accounting, reporting and planning, warehouse management, replenishment and ...

21 Ratings

Odoo, from the Belgium-headquartered multinational company of the same name, is a suite of business applications for managing the sales pipeline. It also comprises a PoS and inventory management modules, scaling to a warehouse or retail management solution.

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ERPLY is a web-based point-of-sale and retail management solution, making it accessible anywhere and contains modules for every aspect of your retail establishment. With ERPLY, you can centralize your day-to-day operations in one, real time system.

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Rain Retail, headquartered in Springville, offers their omnichannel retail management and Point of Sale software that allows you to track rentals, manage inventory, use text message marketing, and use social media to market your business.

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Vend is retail point-of-sale and stock management software that runs both online and offline. Vend runs in the browser and connects easily with other web-based applications like accounting or e-commerce store.

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CommerceHub provides an omnichannel retail platform for suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers. It has three pieces: ProductStream, DemandStream, and OrderStream. ProductStream connects retailers with suppliers and product data, allowing users to manage their online product catalog. DemandStream...

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LS Retail provides Point of Sale software for retail and restaurants, installed in 66,000 stores, restaurants and gas stations in over 125 countries worldwide. The company is headquartered in Kopavogur, Iceland.

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Openbravo Commerce Cloud is a retail management suite, supporting merchandise omnichannel commerce, and also offers web and mobile point of sale with transactional support from any terminal and to provide an enjoyable shopping experience in your physical stores.

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For omni-channel retailers Manhattan Associates offers Manhattan Active Store, a retail management solution including PoS, order management and store fulfillment. Manhattan Active Store is part of the larger Manhattan Active Omni solution for larger retailers.

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LivePOS is a real time retail management solution tailored for small and mid-tier retailers who wish to grow their business.

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ECRS Software Corporation offers the CATAPULT Retail POS system, supplying intelligent mobile or self-checkout POS with inventory management and resupply, back office management, loyalty and marketing, as well as sales and business analytics.

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An open, talented, and inventive software company with comprehensive services. Our strong team spirit and easy-going atmosphere has also brought us success in the Great Place to Work study.

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The Oracle Retail platform is a modular retail management solution from Oracle, based partly on technology acquired Australian company Retek, and subsequently added to by a number of additional acquisitions, including MICROS Xstore Point-of-Service.

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Netsuite for Retail is a cloud-based retail management system built for enterprise-level companies. It includes omnichannel capabilities built around features such as in-store point of sale, eCommerce, and inventory and supplier management. It also has fully integrated business features such as c...