Brightpearl, Bright Future!
October 03, 2016

Brightpearl, Bright Future!

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Overall Satisfaction with Brightpearl

Unfortunately, the switch to Brightpearl from our previous POS was not quite so smooth as I'd hoped. There were quite a few problems (both user-error induced and otherwise) that made the change difficult, and the support that we received was not quite as expedient as we were hoping it would be. Once things have had the chance to kick in, though, the change to Brightpearl was very obviously the right choice.
BrightPearl is used across the board here at my company. Under our previous POS system, we had more than an handful of issues--mainly due to the fact that the POS we were using was not built to accommodate the number of sales we were making. BrightPearl is much more suited for the volume we see here. It helps vastly with organization and planning, on a company-wide scale, in the sense of ordering (on our end), ordering (on the customer's end), and inventory. It also helps quite a bit that all of our programs now talk to each other, which helps to abate the troubles of double orders, unseen changes, etc.
  • Brightpearl tracks order changes and communications very well. It documents all activity in a feed that anyone can see, including status changes, notes made, emails sent, etc.
  • Brightpearl makes it incredibly easy to find orders fitting certain criteria through the use of statuses that you can customize. For example, as a multichannel seller, we can easily create statuses for each channel that we sell from, where our orders will (oftentimes automatically) land in. We also deal often with things like back ordered items; we can also create statuses for certain brands, so that when we expect a shipment in from that company, our back order specialist can easily sort through her orders that are waiting on that shipment.
  • Brightpearl makes it easy to take orders over the phone. Everything I need is right there on one screen; not often do I find myself needing to deviate to other tabs. The steps I take (from "new order" to finish) are straightforward and understandable, and go in steps that make sense.
  • Brightpearl's inventory system is a little harder for me to parse. We have many things in our inventory log that consist of many components (i.e., kits) that are not viewable in the "products" tab; they must be placed into a new order, or printed out.
  • There are communication problems between our website and Brightpearl. Namely, there are issues with payments not being collected automatically from a software called Magento, which means that one of our team has to sit down every day and collect payment manually.
  • Brightpearl has made the general ordering process easier for all involved. We've had many fewer orders lost or duplicated, as was an issue with our previous system.
  • It's made it very easy to track our inventory, and less often do our people have to run on wild goose chases for inventory that isn't really there.
Brightpearl stacks up in considerable positivity against our older system. Brightpearl's inventory system is managed much better than the old one, and makes it easier on our employees in about every way possible. Tracking back ordered items (and orders with back ordered items on them) is simple, and just a small handful of clicks away from the main page. Keeping orders filed in easy-to-find statuses makes our work far less difficult, as well.
Brightpearl is an excellent choice for companies who deal in large-ticket internet sales, as we do. It handles high volume with relative ease, and does quite an excellent job at making the lives of our customer service reps easier. It tracks inventory easily and allows for our reps to reliably allocate inventory (which was an issue with previous programs). I wouldn't necessarily suggest that someone who deals in mostly an in-house POS business go to Brightpearl, as its strengths are most definitely in virtual business.