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Review: "Camtasia doesn't have all that you want, but may have all you need"
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January 11, 2019

Review: "Camtasia doesn't have all that you want, but may have all you need"

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Overall Satisfaction with Camtasia

Camtasia is primarily used in our hospital as a screen capture and video editing tool by our professional development and training department. Within the department, five employees actively use this application for video editing. Camtasia offers an intuitive video editing option with simple tools and a direct connection to other TechSmith tools that are commonly used by our department.
  • Camtasia offers cursor and click tracking and highlighting. This easily accessible option is amazingly useful in creating the system tutorials for which our department is responsible.
  • Our first step in capturing screen steps and progress is using TechSmith SnagIt. SnagIt integrates seamlessly with Camtasia.
  • Camtasia lacks some of the pro options that are required to complete our videos. We often turn to some of our full-featured applications to finish a project.
  • The import/export file formats are very limited.
  • Camtasia helps our staff achieve their learning objectives by providing our team with an intuitive tool for creating tutorials.
  • Camtasia negatively impacts our business by forcing us to keep on hand at least two separate video editing suites in order to accommodate all scenarios.
  • Camtasia is helping in reducing my video production time with its ability to record and highlight cursor movements and clicks.
Camtasia lacks the toolset that Premiere or Final Cut provide, but its connection with SnagIt and ability to track and highlight cursor/mouse interactions make it a viable tool. Camtasia, paired with a more capable video editor, will offer any video editing option that designers might need. That being said, I can't imagine producing content without having other resources in addition to Camtasia.
Camtasia is excellently suited for opportunities where your aim is to create video tutorials of a process and/or workflow. Using the embedded screen recorder or in conjunction with SnagIt, I can easily capture my active use or the tool or process that I wish to teach.

However, in scenarios where a more polished video design is necessary, Camtasia lacks the options. Also, there are a number of popular file types that Camtasia is not capable of importing or exporting.