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User Review: "Clearslide - From a Sales Rep"
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September 19, 2013

User Review: "Clearslide - From a Sales Rep"

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  • Easy mass email tracking, presentation tracking, know what your prospects are looking at & how much time they look at each section of a presentation!
  • Easy live demo's with 1 link.
  • integration needs work: When we were sending our mass mailings, the systems sometimes created new leads instead of logging an email send against an existing lead. This took a little work to fix. Also, when we do send out a Clearslide pitch, the lead just shows that a pitch has been sent, but it doesn't give any details about which version, etc.
  • Email reputation needs work: A much lower volume of email sent through Clearslide is getting delivered than we would like. We have used Marketo which definitely had higher click-through and open rates. We have talked to ClearSlide about helping us to use their product as a quasi- marketing automation tool for scheduling emails and running campaigns, and they have told us that some of this is on the roadmap.
  • Hard to say, Clearslide facilitates closing business on most of our deals.
It has replaced WebEx and mass email tools we have used in the past.
Very simple to use, no training needed.