Great survey tool that integrates well with
February 28, 2014

Great survey tool that integrates well with

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Enterprise edition

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  • Surveys, CRM synchronization

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We're using Clicktools to conduct our quarterly client satisfaction surveys and various ad hoc surveys. It's being used by Client Services and Marketing. The integration allows us to pull contact data from our CRM (Salesforce) and created unique survey URLs that autopopulate demographic data elements for our survey takers. They click the link and they don't have to fill out their name and such, just confirm it. Once they have completed the survey, the results can be pumped back into Salesforce anywhere you want. We have a custom object called "Surveys" that houses all the data. The survey builder is very intuitive and works on the fly. If a small tweak is needed on the survey, the changes occur in realtime. The analytics are very useful and provide an overview of survey results, even while customers are still taking it. I would recommend Clicktools to anyone. It has made survey administration a breeze.
  • CRM integration is very specific. You can map survey results to just about any Salesforce object.
  • Survey builder is intuitive and makes changes on the fly.
  • Survey and email templates provide another layer of customization. Those proficient in HTML can really customize the look and feel of the survey.
  • Bounced email reports are not exportable and don't easily provide bounced reasons. You have to click into each one to see the reason it was bounced, rather than seeing in directly on the report.
  • Allow for more customization (without using code or HTML) on the survey template. Specifically where the "Submit" button resides. I would prefer to have this button on the last page with a question, then have the last page say your survey has been submitted. Some survey takers go all the way through the questions and never submit them.
  • I would say it's been a positive impact, although I don't have specific figures. Reps no longer have to sift through survey data on their own. We've customized Salesforce with email alerts that notify the right people to take action after a survey is completed.
Cheaper solution with more Salesforce integration capabilities. SurveyMonkey wasn't quite as advanced as Clicktools was at the time we made the switch. Now we can fully customize Salesforce and pull specific data elements from a survey and populate them into any Salesforce object, which then allows us to trigger workflow within Salesforce.
We have loved using Clicktools and will continue to use it for the foreseeable future. The price and Salesforce integration is what really sets it apart from any other solution out there. I have learned a great deal about surveys and how to manage them in a CRM by using Clicktools. We will certainly be renewing our contract.
Pricing was a major component; however it came down to functionality. We got exactly what we wanted from Clicktools and we're happy with it.