Clicktools + Salesforce = Great Combo
November 07, 2013

Clicktools + Salesforce = Great Combo

Kristi Eide | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction

  • Nice drag and drop functionality to move and re-arrange questions.
  • Syncs well with Salesforce.
  • Built-in templates to get you up and running quickly.
  • Nice added features- being able to group certain questions together, conditional questions, adding text boxes, hidden fields for contact information.
  • Using conditional questions (if yes, then skip to question 5, if no, continue to question 2) can be tricky initially. And it can be really tricky once you have multiple conditions that send a person all over the place. Be sure to test repeatedly so that you know that your customers are getting to the questions they are supposed to be at and not being kicked out early. There are certain nuances you will pick up on over time that make conditional questions easier - BUT you can clone surveys, so build once and then work off your own template.
  • No matter how many questions types are available, inevitably you will find a question in which Clicktools does not have a type to support it. They do have quite a few options though... just wish their matrix option was more robust.
  • Not many template "themes" to pick from - surveys look very bland.
  • Better customer service- we have it synced to our CRM Salesforce so that customers are only getting one survey every 30 days and they have the option of leaving their information for us to contact them about a bad support/service experience.
  • The surveys give us the feedback we need to be ISO compliant.
  • The survey tool allows us to maintain and set a baseline for where our service needs to be, what needs to be improved on, and what we are doing really well.
  • We use the tool to conduct market research- the built in PDF reports make it really great for getting your results quickly and easily.
Switching to a new tool is a hassle and there is nothing about Clicktools (other than it is a little pricey for what we need) that we are unhappy with. We evaluated many tools before selecting Clicktools and there are not many out there that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce as well as Clicktools does. This tool also gave us many more options that the free (and some paid) options out there.
Talk to Clicktools about how you will use the tool, if you need it to sync with a certain CRM system, what types of questions you most frequently ask, what the storage limit for stored surveys is (we ran into an issue with this once), if you will be emailing directly from Clicktools or from another service provider, how many users will need seats and the pricing structure.

Product Usage

5 - The Marketing and Marketing Research groups use Clicktools.
5 - You will most likely need to work closely with a SF admin if you want the tool to integrate. Integration is not 100% straightforward- we needed to get on a support call and have assistance form Clicktools. But once set up, it worked like a charm. As far as skills to use the tool, basic computing skills are all that is needed. It is pretty user friendly.
  • Service and Support Surveys.
  • Market Research Surveys.
  • Annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
  • We previously did not have a tool that linked to SF, so being able to set rules and workflows within our CRM so that customers are only receiving a survey every 30 days has been great! This helps eliminate survey fatigue and also makes us much less annoying to our customers.
  • As we expand our market research segment, we hope to build more complex surveys that build in complex, conditional questions. ClickTools does a great job of handling conditional questions once you get the hang of how to build them.

Evaluation and Selection

Yes - Zoomerang was our previous survey provider and they sold out to Clicktools a few years ago. We were decently happy with Zoomerang (minus it's inability to sync with SF) but we switched to Clicktools once the buy-out occurred.
  • MailChimp,SurveyMonkey,QuestionPro
The SF integration. We were also switching from Zoomerang amid a contract so we got a really good price for a couple years (which was largely a part of it).
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Price and Product Features were both equally important. We are a mid-size company so we do not have a huge amount of money specifically allocated for survey tools, nor do we do a large amount of surveys each year. We needed an affordable tool that would allow us the flexibility to build surveys the way we wanted to and to ask questions the way we wanted to.
We would most likely do it exactly the same.


If you are setting up integration with a CRM (Salesforce) get this done early on in the process. You can always do it later, but it's easiest to lay your foundation first and then build up and around it later.
Change management was minimal - We had previous users who handled survey tasks and this group was responsible for evaluating tools and implementing/learning/teaching this tool. It required a minimal amount of effort and was pretty efficient/easy.
  • Just the initial learning curve to get the tool working.


I get frustrated by not being able to find the answers to my questions online by myself. I would rather search FAQs and find things that way, but it seems I always have to contact support to get the answer I need. They need a more robust support center so you can do it yourself. But on the upside, when I do contact support, they respond immediately and usually solve my problem quickly.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - We have basic support and that has worked just great for us! We have no need to pay for additional support at this time.
I was working in a complex CRM integration and we currently do not pay for support (we just have basic support). Clicktools staff was on the phone, doing multiple phone calls, emails, and GoToMeetings to help solve the problem with the SF admin and myself. The representative helping us was joking around and didn't make us feel like we were wasting their time and more importantly, didn't make us feel like idiots for not being able to figure it out (nothing worse than condescending support staff). ALSO, as a ClickTools customer, they reach out to you before major conventions (like Dreamforce in San Francisco each year) and invite you to their Customer Appreciation Events and take care of while there. It's great to see loyalty to you as a customer for using their product (b/c they realize you do have a choice in which vendor you go with and they appreciate you).


It is a very usable tool. I would probably give it a higher rating if we used it for opt-ins, polls, and further integration with our system. We don't currently do all of that at this time, not because of limitations of this tool but because of limitation of resources to use this tool.
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Drag and Drop functionality for questions.
  • Building a basic survey.
  • Reporting.
  • Conditional questions are tricky (at first).
  • SF integration is tricky (at first).