Cvent is Helpful, Forward Thinking, and Fun!
January 24, 2019

Cvent is Helpful, Forward Thinking, and Fun!

Cecilia Golombek | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Cvent Event Management

When we first started with Cvent, it was used only by one department and was used only to support the registration process for our key event. Now, I have successfully widened it's use further across the organization and it is now used to register our Board of Governors for their meetings throughout the year, to register participants on our many mission trips, and we have started to use the Meetings Management tool to gather data about events taking place across the U.S. even if they are not being created through Cvent.


  • Customer Service - It's 24/7 and every single person that I have spoken to in the Customer Service department as well as *everyone* I have spoken to at Cvent in general really knows the product and is interested in having you and your event succeed. They really listen to your needs and work with you to get them answered.
  • Forward Thinking - Cvent is constantly researching and updating the product to bring the pages and user experience (front- and back-end) up to the level of current standards and then pushing them further. They're really raising the bar for the event community!
  • Ease of Use - The product is HIGHLY intuitive. The developers created the product and the many modules with a lot of user input and it shows.
  • Constant Feedback Loops - Cvent is really interested in feedback. They are constantly reaching out for user ideas, advice, and questions in order to improve the system.


  • Cost - While I conducted a VERY thorough review of the market to make sure that Cvent was exactly the product that we needed, it was a bit of an uphill battle convincing everyone about the cost. My review however did clearly compare a few other competitors offerings and their pricing - and in that review it was clear that Cvent was in fact the most cost effective. The sticker shock sometimes is hard to get over.
  • Movement of Staff - While every single person that I've connected with at Cvent has been UNBELIEVABLY smart and so amazing to work with, most do not stay in the role working with their customers for more than a year or two. This is of course GREAT for them because there is incredible upward mobility and Cvent clearly hires good people, but sometimes it's difficult to remember who my new person is.
  • Through the reporting capabilities, I have been able to show clear trends from year over year attendance and answers to questions which have created new opportunities for more targeted recruitment and program planning.
  • We have been able to better brand events across the organization.
Below is a listing of other event management products that I reviewed. There are a LOT of them. What I found was that each had a niche audience or market that they were focused on. While this is helpful and each works very well for that market, Cvent offers a flexibility in event creation, look, and general offerings to be a suitable management tool for a MUCH wider variety of events. All of the products below were also more expensive once all the bells and whistles were added in to the proposals. And while Cvent often seems like the big green monster eating up all the competition, the fact that I can log in to one location and do every part of the event as I need when I need and not remember a host of separate event tool names and log ins is a HUGE help.

Products reviewed:
-EventBase (just for event apps)

It's best suited for organizations and companies that have many events throughout the year and will have many users interacting with the system. It's not great for organizations and companies that will have few users - for that I would recommend other systems that have a lower cost per user rate.


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