Event Management103Event Management platforms is used to manage events, from planning to registration and ticketing, to apps for attendees.EMS Software1https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/FU/CQ/BAVLIGMJOL60.JPEGCvent Event Management2https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Hz/cD/H1KQJPFQZSZZ.PNGCrowdCompass3https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/UM/Ez/FBR2NH3GET89.JPEGSplash Event Marketing Platform4https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Wv/yS/XKSWFNQ42TCC.JPEGEventleaf Online5https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/1Q/Ft/6FRBZ69KXI68.PNGSocial Tables6https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/4G/Yg/ZM9RUD297SNJ.JPEGPoll Everywhere7https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Wp/5a/8TOO4BPNMALX.pngLobby Track8https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/uX/fS/LDWCMQ6BQSMK-180x180.JPEGdlvr.it9https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Z9/tk/Z68F6MT6DF8K.pngAventri (formerly etouches)10https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/qU/HO/HF6D7UBJJLP1.PNGEventMobi11https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Xu/Wm/FL6FIA0R27FJ.JPEGGuidebook12https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Ip/EN/NU95OOG0HCXF.pngCauseview13https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Nt/oN/DFAHIVIQZQAE.JPEGThunderTix14https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/5S/ip/FL0RVN6B8985.PNGWhova15https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Nj/w9/2J1HEST3XLFG.pngAttendify16https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/1n/gt/D93RNT3KN25R.octet-streamVendini17https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/uD/xT/C2DOZ74MPFCU.PNGCertain Event Automation Software18https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/yQ/uT/FJOZNS1TC3VD.JPEGWorkCast Producer+19https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Xl/9p/3XO55IQB3HSH.PNGArts People20https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/E1/sK/XMEGD6QBXC4I.PNGDude Solutions Event Management (formerly SchoolDude)21https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/dE/U1/V0R7R1XMPO2T-180x180.JPEGQuickMobile22https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/R7/uV/OP6HA8RKFO84.pngWeemss23https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/aM/Gm/HO0VWGRBHG5V.PNGApps For Events24https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/xI/dN/R45BNDQJMZFV.pngCanam Mobile Event Apps25

Event Management Software

Event Management Platforms Overview

What are Event Management Platforms?

Event Management Platforms provide tools to plan, market, and manage the attendees of events. While similar to Event Registration Software (also commonly having a registration web interface), Event Management Platforms emphasize marketing, revenue, or lead generation. That is, they address the motive for holding the event.

So event management software provides features to engage attendees before and during events (e.g. digital signage, ads), and then also collect leads or gather data (e.g. surveys and forms). Some Event Management Platforms are highly industry or type specific. For example, they may specialize in golf tournaments or other sporting events, equestrian events, or trade shows.

Features of Event Management Platforms:

Event management platforms contain the following feature sets depending on the type of events the vendor specializes in, these including:

  • Event promotion & marketing

  • Social media promotion, event reminders

  • RSVP, attendee registration web interface

  • Attendee room booking & itinerary management

  • RFP / eRFP venue management and bid management

  • Event workforce management, scheduling, permissions

  • Attendance tracking, ticketing & badge management

  • Call for papers, abstract, agenda management (academic conference)

  • Sponsor and exhibitor management

  • Speaker bio and presentation management

  • Peer attendee meeting and interview scheduling

  • Social engagement, social wall, digital signage

  • Mobile app for registration, engagement, or survey response

Pricing Information

Light event management solutions can be cobbled together with free tools. However, for robust integrated feature sets Event Management Platforms are delivered via a software-as-a-service and purchased on a monthly or annual subscription. If the event management platform is oriented around event promotion, then pricing most usually scales with number of sites and feeds where promotional posts appear, as well as number of posts issued. If the platform is oriented around surveys or lead capture, then pricing concords with number of respondents or responses scanned, and complexity of data required.

Many Event Management Platform are designed to support complex or highly specific event-types (e.g. trade shows, academic conferences, etc.). In this case, pricing is based on feature breadth and specificity, and also industry type. Complex platforms tend to be modular; you buy the features you need. Also, some vendors supply live support or personnel along with software. Some vendors also provide kiosks, ID readers, displays, and digital signage, for purchase or rent.

Event Management Products

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EMS Software

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363 Ratings

EMS Software is an enterprise space management, event, class and resource scheduling application acquired and now supported by Accruent in June 2018.

Cvent Event Management

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144 Ratings

Cvent is a cloud-based enterprise event management company with nearly 4,000 employees and over 300,000 users worldwide. Cvent offers software solutions to event planners and marketers for online event registration, venue selection, event management and marketing, onsite solutions, email marketin...


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66 Ratings

CrowdCompass is an event management software system offered by Cvent.

Splash Event Marketing Platform

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56 Ratings

Splash is an end-to-end event marketing technology that aims to help you seamlessly plan, market, manage, and measure the impact of your event program while informing the rest of your marketing program. Capabilities include simplifying event page and email creation, and capturing audience insight...

20 Ratings

Eventleaf is event registration software by Jolly Technologies. The product allows users to customize event pages and registration forms, create an event schedule, send invitations and confirmation emails, track invitation status, manage contacts, and sell tickets online.

1 Ratings

Causeview aims to make donor management simple. This solution is built on the Salesforce.com platform and according to the vendor, this provides users with best in class fundraising, events, volunteers and payment processing tools on top of the world’s most popular CRM.

1 Ratings

ThunderTix is an easy-to-use ticketing software designed especially for small to medium sized venues that need to maximize sales and retain 100% of all ticket and fee revenue -- all delivered the day sales are made.  The vendor says ThunderTix is designed to reduce unnecessary clicks, streamline ...

3 Ratings

Vendini is an all-in-one event management solution. It includes features for event promotion, ticket sales, box office management, event logistics, and task-oriented mobile apps for live events at arts and music venues, festivals, universities, museums, sports arenas, etc.

1 Ratings

Producer+ is a fully featured, browser-based webinar tool. It is designed to allow users to quickly create webinars and online events and includes registration, email communications, live and on-demand events, and advanced branding capability. All on-demand recordings of live webinars can be reco...

2 Ratings

Since 2006 Arts People has provided software designed exclusively for performing arts. This focus allows our software to speak directly to their unique needs. With ticketing, fundraising, marketing, reporting and database CRM tools built in, our affordable pricing options help to ensure that the ...

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QuickMobile is an event management software system offered by QuickMobile.

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Weems is event management software. This solution enables users to generate initial interest, customize registration and entry forms, and communicate with participants. Companies can also track performance data. Companies can integrate Weemss directly their your own site, or use the Weemss web pa...