Data Hygiene Management Helpline & Super Robust Program
July 08, 2020

Data Hygiene Management Helpline & Super Robust Program

Poornima Soni | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Modules Used

  • DupeBlocker
  • PeopleImport
  • MassImpact
  • ReassignOwnership
  • MassBackup
  • Single Table Deduplicator
  • MassLeadConvert
  • Lead2ContactDedupe
  • Lead2AccountDedupe
  • Find / Report ID's
  • Record Type , Owner , User Finder
  • Customization Account, Leads, Contacts Reports
  • Channel/ Reseller Information
  • Opportunity / Deal Analysis

Overall Satisfaction with DemandTools

A must buy product. I am getting hands-on experience and getting the implementation done for our organization data. Overall, great support from demand generation and the Support Team. I am working on a few projects with the help of DemandTool like mass impact/effect, dedup, in-house data matching, and so on, which is way easier with your team.
  • The most loving part is: the training and enablement program, which they conduct for everybody.
  • Friendly tool and helps different teams like Marketing, Sales, and Operations maintain the data hygiene, which actually keeps us up to market standards.
  • It is always helpful for quarterly review when we need to revisit our data and required cleansing/entering new information in our system to maintain live information up to the standard.
  • Dedupe Lead/Contacts: Actually, the biggest strength is helping in company to solve multiple team's issues/problems, and avoid quarrels in between with different holding comments on different lead/contacts. So, overall best in the market for this pointer!
  • Mass Impact/ Affect: Being in Marketing/Sales Operation people would love this kind of functionality that should be useful for any big changes in data and running projects like accounts level and so on.
  • Sometime, we should have a built-in pipeline that we can use for a bigger platforms like de-dup/mass impact/other automation programs and customers can modify according to themselves and save their timing.
  • Dedup Program: WE are saving employee manual time and increasing productivity for other complex issues. Maintaining data hygiene for the company and solving different team's problems like Marketing, Sales, Order, and very minimal errors.
  • List @upload/ Pull which analyses existing data and help us in various ways! So, pulling or pushing data in the system impacts a lot to the various team for follow-up and get good ROI/ opportunity from the results. So, the first team m is taking from DemandTool are most important and effective which is giving great results to us.
I love the FindID tool for finding records in Salesforce. We have been using these tools for many years. I like that the power grid which allows you to manipulate the data like in a spreadsheet. I also find MassImpact and MassEffect very helpful too and superior alternatives to the Salesforce-provided tool. Simple data manipulations are easy using built-in functions (such as reformatting phone numbers or addresses) as well as more complicated (and therefore somewhat more complicated to configure) updates based on things such as regular expressions). There is quite a bit of flexibility built into the tools. It allows you to update records based on logic only. No file uploads necessary! This is extremely powerful for mass updating records. I've used it to update relationships, correct older data, and update values during migrations. They are able to make real-time changes to our data, find/search the database, locate/merge duplicates, etc. And we are only scratching the surface with all I know the tools are capable of. I would give 10/10 but there is always room for improvement.
  • I can give it a 10/10 as it helped on a project for our organization and so many dependencies to run (automated fields) who have subscribed.
  • People Import/DemandTools, at many points, saved our time for many things like campaign/leads/contacts/accounts or any confidential data.
  • We run DemandTools to find data form on our existing database which contains tons of data and helps us to solve our list pull, upload issue in minutes.