Invaluable tool for Administrators or those who value data cleanliness and integrity
December 01, 2020

Invaluable tool for Administrators or those who value data cleanliness and integrity

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Modules Used

  • DupeBlocker
  • PeopleImport
  • MassEffect
  • MassImpact
  • PowerGrid

Overall Satisfaction with DemandTools

We use DemandTools heavily in our department. It is a vital tool for removing duplicates, checking for incomplete records and just mass moving data. I use PowerGrid weekly, the flexibility to be able to drill down and pull in exactly the fields and filtered data I need is very powerful. In PowerGrid, I can easily visually scan the pared down data and change only those exact fields on individual records that I want, in a mass batch. I also recently started building out jobs in "Job Builder". I build out scenarios in Mass effect (For example: Opportunities missing an Amount) then I can "batch" those individual jobs into "scenarios" that I run on a daily basis to scrub and clean my data. It's a game changer for data integrity.

I had used "Data Loader" for many years to complete mass updates. It is a good tool, but Demand Tools does SO MUCH MORE. There was a small learning curve, but the library of short videos got me up and running within an hour. The online and scheduled classes are short, to the point, and very helpful in walking through each part of the application. I liked the short videos, because I tend to search for specific information when I need it. I don't want to watch an hour long video and try to retain all of that knowledge. I like the targeted modules - that allowed me to locate the specific piece of the application I was working with, and gave me the particulars for that.

  • Job Builder batches that allow you to run batches of updates for data integrity.
  • De-duplicating data for loading and to ensure we do not load redundant records.
  • Using PowerGrid like excel to drill and filter to particular record sets.
  • Support - The team is very helpful and will provide you with as many resources as you need to succeed.
  • The interface is a little basic.
  • More in tool help would be great (This has been steadily improving).
  • Quarterly or Annual updates on improvements and "What's New".
  • It is a tremendous time saver. It does things Salesforce doesn't even have the capability to do. Tasks that would take hours to manually complete.
  • We can process a tremendous amount of data daily through one person, vs. weeks for the data to be cleaned, reviewed, routed and input.
  • Saves on headcount by allowing a dedicated user to set up batches and jobs for other teams to ensure their data integrity.
  • The return on investment isn't easily quantifiable but it is FELT in our department.
I have used DataLoader. It is a simple tool for inserts, upserts and deletions of records in a single object. It's great if you have a spreadsheet of ID's that need a field change. It is extremely limited, and has none of the additional features of functionality of DemandTools. You cannot de-duplicate, you cannot cross reference objects, you cannot batch jobs, and you cannot schedule data cleaning activities. It is VERY limited, but it is free for 10,000 rows of data a month. Salesforce has a couple of mass edit and delete features, but it is extremely limited to records in a single object.
  1. We use this tool for cleaning and loading lists of Prospect data provided by vendors.
  2. I use this tool for "house-cleaning" and data integrity for key objects like Accounts and Opportunities, ensuring any missing data is reported so we can update those individual records (Like Territory, Region, Industry).
  3. I use PowerGrid for edits and mass moves of data (Change of Territory, change of record ownership).
  4. We use the tool to "Backfill" data when we make a change to a picklist or organizational data, like add or remove an industry.
  5. I use the job builder for batches of data cleaning that I used to run on a weekly basis. I have batched them in Job Builder and now they run daily.