Amazing DemandTool
December 02, 2020

Amazing DemandTool

min liu | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • MassEffect
  • MassImpact
  • MassBackup
  • Single Table Deduplicator
  • Lead2ContactDedupe
  • Lead2AccountDedupe
  • Find / Report ID's

Overall Satisfaction with DemandTools

It is being used by my department only. Actually, I am the only one using it daily. It is a great tool for data management and data maintenance. I use the modules Mass Impact, MassEffect, PowerGrid, Find/Report ID's, Single Table Dedupe, [and] Lead Conversion to manage the org data. It is easier to use without any coding and it much easier to view and make the updates simultaneously. The BulkBackup [was] just one click and majority got done. And scenarios help me work so efficiently.
  • PowerGrid can review and make the updates simultaneously.
  • Single Table Dedupe makes merg[ing] the records easy and can make updates at the same time.
  • BulkBackup [is] just one click, majority data got updated.
  • Scenarios save a lot of time for similar working load.
  • There are certain objects BulkBackup can not backup.
  • The backup file too large to open, it [would] be great if it [could] be split into a couple files that can be accessed without any special tool.
  • When query on child object, it [would] be great if we [could] update the data on parent object.
  • Sales Rep can work on more accurate data and have better chance to win opportunities, boost ROI.
  • It is so efficient when working the scenarios for repeated work, so I can manage the whole org data without needing to hire another one.
  • Time saving- so simple to use and reliable, help maintain data integrity.
DemandTools does not require any coding knowledge, as long as the user understands the relationships between objects, they can easily query the desired data and make updates directly, which is user friendly. DemandTools modules covered all the functional tools that a data specialist needs to do the job. Workbench users obviously need some knowledge of SOQL AND SOSL to query data, which is not user friendly.

PowerGrid is the module I use daily. It can query data easily without coding and can be sorted or filtered which makes viewing data, making updates, or deleting data on the Canvas very user friendly. And it works for almost all the objects.

The scenarios save me a lot of time for the repeated work and is very user friendly too.