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Review: "Egnyte is a superior file-sharing cloud-based server option."
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December 15, 2017

Review: "Egnyte is a superior file-sharing cloud-based server option."

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Overall Satisfaction with Egnyte

We use Egnyte as our primary file system company-wide, eliminating the need for a traditional "server" and large data management systems that are contained in-house. Our team travels a lot, and with the cloud-based nature of Egnyte, we can all be connected to our file system everywhere we go. This makes work travel simplistic, and working from home is a cinch because all our files are everywhere that our computers are.
  • One of Egnyte's features that we use quite frequently is file sharing to individuals outside of our company - whether we're sharing documents with prospects, potential buyers, or clients, it's as easy as sending a link to share a file, or creating a guest profile for them to sign in if they need to upload documents to us.
  • Desktop sync is a feature in Egnyte that we could not live without! The continuous sync means that our systems always have the latest version of every document that's worked on almost instantaneously.
  • Password protected file sharing is a must - we are a business brokerage firm and so client confidentiality is one of our highest priorities. Having the ability to put our files behind a password-protected link for viewing and downloading has helped us immensely.
  • Egnyte's web edit functionality could be built out a bit more. We never use this service in our office, and while I believe that it's because we simply use the desktop sync tool and have everything available locally with immediate follow-up syncing, the functionality does seem slightly less than intuitive, but still wholly usable.
  • Honestly... I have a difficult time thinking of any other shortcomings that the platform has.
  • In our company, having the latest information on any given client is crucial - Egnyte helps us to stay on top of all communications with clients, and helps to make conversing with them simple.
Egnyte is more user-friendly than both Dropbox and Box, and has more functionality to match. The user management is simple with Egnyte, and the storage limits are enormous - we'll never be concerned about running out of room. Egnyte's device management is also an essential part of our functionality, as we occasionally need to remove access to different devices, etc.
In a world where Dropbox is king, Egnyte is the hidden gem that I honestly feel works better and has more functionality built in, for a similar (if not cheaper) price point. Any business office that has a traditional server holding eons of files could benefit from Egnyte and their cloud operations, eliminating the need for the hardware. It's great for collaboration between offices and colleagues, and the quick sync feature upon save means that everyone has the latest version of documents at any given time.

Egnyte Feature Ratings

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Using Egnyte

Users and Roles

3 - Our three users are all three of our employees - we are a very small company. The users are myself (Director of Marketing and Operations), the president of the company, and our senior associate. The three of use Egnyte on a daily basis across all our devices - desktops, laptops, mobile, etc.

Support Headcount Required

1 - I am the sole in-house support for all our tech, Egnyte included. Of all the software platforms we use, Egnyte by far requires the least amount of support on a regular basis. Any person with any knowledge of how the backend of any basic account works could easily manage an Egnyte platform, as it's all set up to be very intuitive and user-friendly.

Business Processes Supported

  • Server-stand in - we have eliminated the need for a bulky server and all the equipment that goes with it, and use Egnyte as our cloud-based server.
  • File Sharing - we work on files and share them back and forth on a regular basis, both internally and with our clients. Egnyte makes the file sharing easy by giving you a "share" link when it's needed so that people outside of the organization can access specific files (and definitely NOT access any other files)

Likelihood to Renew

Egnyte meets every one of our file-hosting needs, and has an easier overall usability than any other program I've used - There's no question about it.

Evaluating Egnyte and Competitors

Products Replaced

Key Differentiators

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
Being a small business, price is always a factor in any decision, and Egnyte very easily fit into our budget for file storage and management. Beyond that though, it's important to have the mindset that it's okay to spend more if the product is the RIGHT decision. Egnyte made this easy for us by both being affordable and having all the features we needed (and then some).