Evernote: Your ever-patient, highly-organized, Type-A personal assistant with photographic memory.
July 29, 2014

Evernote: Your ever-patient, highly-organized, Type-A personal assistant with photographic memory.

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Overall Satisfaction with Evernote

There are some individual employees who use Evernote, but my company does not as a whole.

At work I use it to keep track of my weekly to-do items as well as notes for upcoming and past meetings, and other random bits of information that I may need to remember.

It's great at home too:

  • I use it for my grocery list, a list with checkboxes and organized roughly by aisle at the store, so that I can add something to it anytime I think of it.
  • I keep my entire collection of recipes in a "Stack" which is organized into notebooks, and then organized further by tag.
  • I love to do crafts so I use Evernote to keep all of my project ideas handy.
  • Keeps track of information seamlessly across devices and platforms. For example, I use the Windows Desktop app, the Mac Desktop app, and the Android Mobile app. And, if all else fails, there's a web interface too!
  • LOTS of different and interesting ways to create new notes when in a hurry - send a Tweet or an email, clip from your web browser, or use your trusty mobile widget, to name a few.
  • My information stays private - they'll never use my notes content to serve me ads.
  • Lists with checkboxes could really use some work. It's gotten tons better but going between desktop and mobile still really screws with the line spacing. It's not a deal-breaker, just a minor annoyance.
  • Would be nice if the Windows and Mac interfaces were more similar. It works well in both environments but still looks like two different programs.
  • Evernote enables me to quickly find that tiny, random piece of information that would have been scribbled on a sticky note and lost in a pile on my desk had I not been using Evernote.
  • Helps keep me on task. I have my weekly to-do list, which I can access from anywhere should I need to do so.
The only other note-taking product I have tried was Color Note, an Android app, which I'm not even sure is still around. Evernote gave me much more power to organize effectively and easily access my information.
I can't imagine trying to migrate all of my information to another organizing tool. The more I use Evernote, the more powerful I make it. Additionally, the Evernote team is always adding new features and functionality, and always fixing bugs, so if I find someday that it's not working so well for me, that I probably should just tell them and see if it evolves back into a solution that fits my needs.
If you really know what you want Evernote to do for you, i.e. you have a specific use case in mind, then you're an ideal user. If you don't really know how you want to use it, then it could take some time to figure out how to best structure your notes, notebooks, and stacks to suit your needs. But, once you've gotten your structure worked out, it will be your best friend for life.