Reference Management Software

Best Reference Management Software include:

Mendeley, Zotero, EndNote, ReadCube Papers, and Citationsy.

Reference Management Software Overview

What is Reference Management Software?

Reference management software allows researchers to link to and correctly cite referenced works in their papers. Also known as citation management tools, the software can create proper citations in a desired style (e.g. MLA, APA, etc.). Additionally, reference management software may automate building bibliographies, or footnotes, or reference sections in research papers. Reference management software may organize personal research libraries, or manage access to an outside reference source (e.g. web magazines, literature databases).

Features of Reference Management Software

Reference management software provides the following features:

  • Support for a wide range of citation styles (e.g. APA, MLA, etc.)
  • Automated creation of bibliographical entries, or whole bibliography
  • In-line citation creation
  • Add annotations, notes, to documents
  • Document or reference import from outside sources
  • Extraction of citation data (e.g. author, publication name, etc) from imported documents
  • Synchronize data across shared or stored documents
  • Create a research profile, add publications to a scientific database via the software
  • Style & accidental plagiarism check

Reference Management Products

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Mendeley, an Elsevier company headquartered in London, offers their eponymous reference management software suite, including Mendeley Reference Manager, Web Importer, the Citation Plugin add-on, available in Premium package.


Zotero is a free reference management tool developed as a project developed at Carnegie Mellon and supported by a small team at George Mason University.


Clarivate Analytics headquartered in Philadelphia offers EndNote, a reference library and management software. is an online reference management and plagiarism check tool.


refbase is an open source web reference and research tool.


MyBib is a free and open source citation management tool for educators, from a collaboration of university researchers led by Harvard University.


Sorc'd is a reference management app from the small company of the same name in Chicago.


Qiqqa is a reference manager app for researchers and institutions available free or on a paid plan which supports annotation report filtering, document sharing, sync with private intranet, .pdf conversion tools, and other conveniences. is a research database and analytics tool supporting researchers with intelligence for trend tracking, study design or guidance, grant seeking guidance, or bibliographic reference. is an Informa property.


Faculty of 1000 (F1000) headquartered in London offers F1000Workspace, a reference management and notational research tool.


JabRef is a reference management tool that is open source.

Chegg headquartered in Santa Clara offers, a bibliographic and reference mangement software service, as well as plagiarism checking tool.


ProQuest offers RefWorks, a citation and reference management tool. helps users discover and understand research. Using Smart Citations, the user can check how a scientific article has been cited and if its findings have been supported or contrasted by others.


WIKINDX is an open source bibliographic tool available free at


Paperpile is a reference management app from the company of the same name in Cambridge.


BibDesk is an open source bibliography tool for Mac users.

Cite This for Me (formerly RefME)

Cite This for Me (now merged with the former RefME service) is an online citation and refernece management solution now owned and supported by Chegg headquartered in Santa Clara.


Swiss Academic Software, in Switzerland, supports Citavi, a reference management application.


BibSonomy is a free browser plug-in and reference management tool supported by a collaboration of university researchers.


Zenreader is a desktop software used by students, researchers and professionals to collect, organise and combine knowledge to produce great work in less time.Zenreader is used to rapidly build a body of knowledge and evidence from PDF documents and webpages. With Zenreader users…


Citationsy is a reference management tool from a sole proprietorship in Stockholm.

ReadCube Papers

Digital Science company ReadCube now offers Papers, a reference management application.