Honestly, you don't even need to research FTP clients, just download FileZilla and call it a day.
January 23, 2019

Honestly, you don't even need to research FTP clients, just download FileZilla and call it a day.

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Overall Satisfaction with FileZilla

FileZilla has been my go-to FTP/FTPS client (and server when needed) for roughly 15 years. As a freelance developer, I've used FileZilla-- as well as in my full-time job-- in various roles at multiple different organizations. In my current organization, FileZilla is used as the primary FTP client for end-users. It is delivered via SCCM to any end-user who wishes to have an FTP client. FileZilla is lightweight, open-source, and provides all of the security features we need for SSL/TLS encryption when transferring sensitive data--or any data for that matter, to servers.
  • FTPS (File Transfer Protocol Secure) over SSL/TLS. This is absolutely essential for transferring sensitive data.
  • It's open-source, and not a proprietary application, which means we can review the source to determine if there are any nefarious functions.
  • It's extremely lightweight, with a simple interface that allows for quick and easy transferring of data. No mucking around if you're a novice, and lots to be dug into if you're an advanced user. It has everything A-Z.
  • Cross-Platform support. I've used FileZilla on multiple different operating systems, and it runs super smooth on them all.
  • Resuming file transfers. If the client crashes, or your internet goes down, you can be reassured you'll be able to resume your transfer next time you launch FileZilla.
  • Being in a bilingual Country, it's been beneficial to have multi-language support.
  • The UX/UI is slightly dated. But Since I'm an original user of FileZilla, this is not really a big deal to me personally. Although I would like to see an updated interface at some point, it does not one bit take away from the overall objective of FileZilla.
  • Although I cant give it a dollar value, not having to pay for an FTP Client is absolutely a benefit.
  • Ensuring that our data is transferred securely and safely is a huge ROI. It would be an absolute disaster if some secure data was intercepted. With FileZilla, this potential monetary and public disaster can be mitigated.
I've almost exclusively used FileZilla over the past 15 years in my IT career. I have used some other FTP clients, such as CuteFTP, IE's built in FTP, WinSCP, and Trasmit, but when given the choice, I will always stick with FileZilla. It is by far the most superior and robust all-you-ever-need FTP client out there. I would rank it as my #1, without hesitation. Every feature you could want is in FileZilla, and it is updated on almost a weekly basis. The community that supports the Filezilla Open-source project is very active, quick to fix bugs or security flaws.
FileZilla is extremely easy to use. If you've ever used an FTP client, you will have no issues navigating this layout--it will be familiar to even the most novice users, as it draws inspiration from years of similar design features seen throughout windows applications. When you're working in a secure environment that requires you to transfer sensitive files securely over intranet or internet, FileZilla is an excellent choice, as it's both open-source and supports FTPS over SSL/TLS. As well, it also provides SSH FTP, which I've personally used to transfer files to my own personal Linux server. Filezilla allows you to have an unlimited amount of connections (tabbed) to multiple remote servers. This is useful if you work in an environment that requires the management of lots of servers. If you're a server administrator, FileZilla is an absolute must for your toolbox of utility software. One of my recent favorites is the support of IPV6, since our environment has recently upgraded its infrastructure to IPV6.

Using FileZilla

I feel like FileZilla keeps it very simple, sticking to classic UX designs that have been around since the dawn of GUI interfaces.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Managing connections
  • Transferring files.