Pound-For-Pound, VoIP Knocks Out PBX
June 10, 2014

Pound-For-Pound, VoIP Knocks Out PBX

Robert Keppel | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Software Version

Connect Plus / HUD 3.6 / WEB HUD

Overall Satisfaction with Fonality

Fonality is being used throughout my entire business. It has given my small business, the power/look/feel of much larger competitors with call centers. The functionality has enabled me to grow my customer base without having to increase my staff. Fonality also gives us to ability to work remotely, while delivering professional service to our customers. Unless a customer was to walk in our doors, they'd never know we were working remotely.
  • Connect Plus, HUD, and WEB HUD give any small business the flexibility and functionality of a call center at a fraction of the cost.
  • Simple to set up and customize an Auto Attendant, Q's, Custom Hold Music, and assign Agents to Q's by skill level.
  • Ability to transfer within, or externally gives us the appearance and functionality of a large company, when we are in fact a very small business services a large book of business.
  • Q's track productivity, service, and overall performance visibly at all times.
  • Voicemail to Email is very efficient and customizable.
  • Inter-Office Chat System allows us to be very efficient and available.
  • Long list of Call Features: Drag-Drop Transfering, Call Parking, Soft Transfer, Blind Transfer, Seamlessly Transfer to Outside #'s.
  • HUD (Heads-Up-Display) connectivity needs some improvement. HUD is stable most of the time, but goes through moments of connectivity problems that can be on/off for days. These are rare, but when they happen... it is crippling to my business.
  • Doesn't have ability to email recorded phone calls to my email for quick storage on my server. Can log in to download, but very time consuming.
  • Cut recurring phone bill by more that 50% per month.
  • Allowed for Caller ID Masking, so all outgoing calls show my main phone #.
  • Increased employee efficiency by interfacing with current CRM and allowing hands-free dialing. Not only is this much quicker, it is far more reliable and eliminates misdials.
  • Extends our office well beyond the walls of our building by allowing us to work remotely and transfer calls anywhere necessary.
  • 8x8,Avaya (formerly Nortel),BCS,Appia,Broadcore,Comcast,Gaynor Telesystems,PanTerra,Surewest,Vocalocity
Prior to purchasing Fonality, I did demos with numerous other VoIP Providers, but could not find a single one that could provide ALL of the benefits and services I was after. I was coming off an in-house PBX System that had very robust Call Center Features. Unfortunately, it was outdated and the hardware/software upgrade had become cost prohibitive for a business my size. As such, I went on the hunt for a VoIP System. Because I had been spoiled by my current PBX System, I had a laundry list of "Must Haves"... Fonality was the only company that could provide me with the same functionality I was accustomed to, at a fraction of the cost!
There is a bit of a learning curve when going from a resident PBX system to a hosted VoIP system, but once you've managed the change, the functionality and cost are unbeatable. This much I know, should I ever decide to shop my Fonality Contract at renewal, it will absolutely be with another VoIP provider. Fortunately for Fonality and my office, I've yet to find another system out there that would rival Fonality's Hosted Connect Plus VoIP product Pound-For-Pound. Thank You Fonality!
Reliable High Speed Internet is a must.

Using Fonality

4 - Managers, Sales Reps, Customer Service Reps and all Administrative positions utilize Fonality to its fullest.
1 - As the owner of my business, I handle all of the support for our Fonality System. I'm no IT Professional, but am a bit techy... This is about all I've needed to customize Fonality to meet our needs.
  • The ability to dial from our CRM using the TAPI interface downloaded with HUD
  • Ability to transfer callers to outside extensions seamlessly.
  • Voicemail to email.
  • Easily setup custom on-hold music.
  • Easily setup Custom Business, Weekend, and Holiday schedules
  • The ability to work from home has become priceless.
  • Expand our sales force far beyond our office walls.
  • Enable me to merge/cluster with other business like my own.
  • Allow Employees to work from home.