Some Brief Information about G Suite
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March 02, 2019

Some Brief Information about G Suite

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Overall Satisfaction with G Suite

Our usage of G Suite started with Google Apps. We simply needed an e-mail service for our domain name. Our decision was to use one of the cloud services. Google Apps was free at that time with full functionality. We witnessed the evolution of Google Apps. From the very start, we used it company-wide.
Now G Suite is used for corporate e-mail, SSO, account management (when integrated with other cloud services), collaborated work thanks to documentation applications, and the teams drive for team document sharing.
Thanks to G Suite, we have a managed environment with no server cost, up-to-date and evolving products, flexible licensing, and wide control on policies, with almost zero downtime.
  • G Suite's control on how the accounts can be used varies. Such as, if the account owner can share documents outside of the company, or if they can log in to youtube with the corporate G Suite account. There are many many security options.
  • G Suite's office applications are enough for everyday usage. It also lets you do complex operations with google script, which lets you use javascript for your macros. Also, you can create your own integrations thanks to custom macros.
  • The other applications which are part of G Suite create an environment which allows you to collaborate, share, and communicate. And they are flexible for your business needs.
  • The email application has some improvements over regular Gmail. You can set SPF and DKIM dns records to be known as a verified sender. Thus your emails won't be marked as spam by supported email servers.
  • You colleagues can use the regular clean Gmail web interface or any pop3/imap client. You can create email groups, aliases etc.
  • The hangouts replacement Chat application has some room for improvement if it's to replace your current alternative solution, such as Slack. But if you're needing such an application, it'll be enough for you.
  • The Gmail web interface needs some improvements to filter the emails for mouse users. If you use advanced keyboard shortcut keys, that won't be an issue.
  • G Suite's subscription model suits our business model very well. The annual plan (you commit to use G Suite for 12 months) gives you a tiny discount.
  • By the time passes apps were evolved we upgraded our plan easily, to get new services.
  • Thanks to DKIM and SPF support we are sure that our emails are not marked as spam, which is very important for continuous communication with our customers.
  • The serverless cloud model is perfect for us.
  • You don't need to spend your valuable money for server licenses, server hardware, rack costs, cooling costs, power costs, CAL licenses, systems administrator salary etc.
  • Also, you don't need to spend your valuable time on software upgrade operations, maintenance time, downtime etc.
We started to use G Suite without evaluating alternatives. Because only G Suite (Google Apps at that time) had online collaboration capabilities with well integration methods at that time.
G Suite is very well for your corporate email, collaborated work, communication platform, and shared drive needs, besides personal tools like keep and photos, which are also great. For further needs, you can create your own add-ons to do your daily tasks.
But if you heavily need a solution such as a share point, there need to be some heavy customizations done in G Suite. To display the email attachments without installing any other software on your PC, G Suite supports well-known file formats, but for others, you need to install add-ons. This raises data security questions.