Keep your fingers on the pulse of your customers with Gainsight
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Updated November 29, 2018

Keep your fingers on the pulse of your customers with Gainsight

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Overall Satisfaction with Gainsight

Gainsight operationalizes the customer experience consistently across the Ceridian North American customer base. Customer success resources proactively engage customers based on calls to action from Gainsight. It also captures the “pulse” of the customer to objectively reflect a customer status assessment based on a large variety of factors. This information allows Ceridian to take the right action to deeply engage customers and correct situations that need special attention. Unlike reactionary support solutions, Gainsight is used proactively to keep customers successful before they go “off track”.

Gainsight is a critical component to the company technology stack that drives the activities of the award-winning Ceridian XOXO Customer Success program activities. It draws from Salesforce and many other systems to distill critical information for the users and management about the Ceridian Customer base. It also feeds other solutions with the real-time customer sentiment so they can be engaged accordingly.

Without the scalable operationalization of the CX NPS will suffer. Gainsight allows team members to deliver a consistent great CX!

  • Gainsight provides a large team with a consistent playbook of tasks that result in a consistent operationalized customer experience. IF an organization is seeking the same high quality experience for customers from Toronto to Tempe they will appreciate the calls to action that present tasks for their team members and the dashboards that allow the team management to have insight into the programs success.
  • Along with a phenomenal product, the Gainsight team members are great business partners for success. From the regular meetings to share best practices to the partnering to integrate their solution with others, they are great business partners.
  • Gainsight delivers on its product road map. If you have an opportunity, watch a Karl Rumelhart product road map presentation to see the direction of Customer Success!
  • I'd recommend new Gainsight users keep initial configurations simple to allow focus and faster ROI. Many users, my own instance included can grow quickly to try to accomplish too much. Controlled quality growth, and product configuration scope, would be a good mantra to keep in mind.
Ceridian is a very dynamic organization that pushes the envelope of the solutions deployed beyond their out of the box feature set. When Ceridian has special needs Gainsight brings the right people to the table quickly. The Gainsight team, without exception, is responsive, professional and very fun to work with. Great partners!
Annual Recurring Revenue is the most important success metric for a SaaS organization. Gainsight provides insight into the customer experience from a granular account level view to a high-level overall business segment view for the C-suite. Customer Success managers are prompted with individual account level tasks while more senior managers and executives incorporate dashboards into their weekly routines to have real-time insight into the accounts delivering the ARR.
  • Ceridian prides itself on delivering the best customer experience through the XOXO Customer Success program and the other customer facing departments. Ceridian is regularly recognized as an industry leader for customer success program value to the organization. This program would not be possible without Gainsight.
  • Gainsight is used to proactively identify and take action on at risk accounts and this has given us a much better chance to save the account and reduce churn.
  • Gainsight's ability to create a health score from several objective factors has allowed Ceridian to systematically identify potential reference customers who in turn engage prospects to drive additional revenues.
After reviewing manual processes and other industry solutions along with our needs for integration and a Salesforce friendly solution, Gainsight was selected based on the breadth of product capabilities and the team of resources we would be partnering with. While there are other possible solutions, Gainsight has worked very well for our objectives
Salesforce is tightly integrated with Gainsight to the point where our CSMs can spend a bulk of their time in Gainsight views without the need to go to SalesForce to complete what would be redundant tasks.
Influitive's AdvocateHub is the customer-facing portal that allows customers to review and accept or decline opportunities that are mutually beneficial to the customers and to Ceridian. Based on their actions and sentiment Gainsight triggers calls to action to engage the customer with the award-winning XOXO CX.

Gainsight is the keystone solution for a customer-centric SaaS organization looking to proactively operationalize the engagement of a team of Customer Success Managers, Sellers, Support people, and other customer-facing resources. Insights into recurring revenue should be objectively based on objective customer data. Gainsight provides the insight along with the suggested tasks that will secure greater revenue retention.

Gainsight Feature Ratings

Product usage
Help desk / support tickets
NPS surveys
Sponsor tracking
Customer profiles
Automated workflow
Internal collaboration
Customer health scoring
Customer segmentation
Customer health trends
Engagement analytics
Revenue forecasting
Role-based user permissions
Integration with
Integration with Marketo
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Integration with Eloqua
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Using Gainsight

60 - Customer Success, Marketing, Sales, Support, Technical Account Management, and others all leverage Gainsight.
2 - One fantastic Administrator who also leverages SalesForce Admins as needed
  • New customer engagement
  • NPS Survey follow up
  • Reacting to customer advocacy activities
  • Regular executive busienss reviews
  • End of year assistance
  • Gainsight sentiment is consistently captured and that score is passed to Influitive's AdvocateHub solution to target the right opportunities to the right customers based on their current sentiment.
Ceridian is always seeking ways of optimizing its technical stack and experience. customer Gainsight is an important partner in our ongoing success.

Gainsight Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - The base level of support is so outstanding that additional support is not needed. The Gainsight representatives are true team members.
Gainsight has reached out to engage a wide variety of Ceridian team members to assist with their unique areas of business. For example, our NPS Survey team was interested in migrating to Gainsight's survey capabilities and the Gainsight team engaged them directly and answered their questions and coached them on best practices.

Using Gainsight

Gainsight is a very comprehensive solution perpetually adding capabilities. The only challenges in usability come with the wide scope of capabilities.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using