PureCloud - A great remote office telecommunications solution with some caveats
October 25, 2018

PureCloud - A great remote office telecommunications solution with some caveats

Richard Oberle | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Genesys PureCloud

I work for a VAR. We use Genesys Cloud for testing but we sell and implement it for customers. The customers who use it at this point use it for their call centers only.


  • Accessibility over the web is terrific for companies with smaller satellite offices.
  • Adaptability with different flavors of remote end-points works well with the shifting customer environments.
  • Connectivity with ever increasing telecommuters helps us to connect with a broad customer base
  • Gives customers access to real time numbers in their org without a lot of license cost.


  • The PureCloud interface is a little sluggish when switching from item to item. I know this is partly to do with the data coming across the web, but customers want it to be fast like their premise systems
  • There is a significant lag which causes disparity between statistics like number of agents "On Queue" vs the Queue showing agents that are available for calls. Constantly off by a few iterations.
  • The administration interface is not intuitive. Hard not to compare it to PureConnect premise systems that have been full featured for 15 years and PureCloud cannot do what the 15 year old system can.
  • In my opinion, the decision to move so many normal customization points into industry standard programming languages was bad because suddenly there is a need for software developers writing in C+ or Java when telecom support departments do not have those people sitting around.
  • PureCloud support is a disaster. More often than not, they do not help but just read from a KB script. We find more help on the web and when we present those web links to support and tell them we need more info, more than once they sent us back the very same weblinks with no additional info
  • We have had a good ROI because Genesys Cloud has allowed us to keep the smaller sub-orgs within large customers in the Genesys arena rather than them opting for other-branded pbx systems.
  • We do enjoy the monthly recurring income of being a Genesys Cloud reseller with little time spent in support once the system is well dialed in.
We have been a PureConnect reseller for almost 2 decades. PureConnect is a tried and true design that allows us to accomplish almost anything the customer can dream up. The issue lies within the cost model.
PureConnect cannot be implemented for smaller companies as it is cost prohibitive where Genesys Cloud can give us a low cost solution for them.
Personally, I really enjoy the consistency PureConnect, when combined with the ability to scale up, the amazing call acounting and ability to customize and integrate is very hard to beat.
It would be well suited for a company with low call volume and no queues that require statistical supervision. Also for companies with satellite offices that need phones but low call volume.

I would not recommend this product for a high risk call center that needs perfection in performance and consistency of data metrics and/or a complicated call flow.


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