Using GoToMyPC is as easy as pie

Overall Satisfaction with GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC is primarily being used by the Helpdesk department for remotely troubleshooting the errors. They use it for solving errors, file sharing & the ability to share screens and data is great with GoToMyPC.

Also it is being used by some of our employees to work from home. This allows the employees to work from home and have a flexible schedule with safety of connection & data. It helps in reducing attrition rates :) Since Remote sessions are supported from iPad, iPhone, Android devices, employees can work at any time of day with convenience and do not have to stay in the office to get work done. One of the biggest of reason of moving out to GoToMyPC is its ease with which remote connection can be established.

  • Printing files from the remote machine is never so easier which I feel is one of the biggest strength of GoToMyPC
  • Even a naive computer user can remotely connecting to another computer using this since no software is needed to be installed. Connection is established just by logging into an account and selecting from a list of desktops available.
  • There is a lag which I observe with other software when I connect to multiple computers but this is not the case with GoToMyPC since you can connect to multiple computers without any performance degradation.
  • Another superb features is guest access for temporary reasons, where we can invite others to directly access files on our desktop without wasting any time in signups .
  • I like the way GoToMyPC brings in transparency by allowing a user to see if another user is logged into a session or not.
  • Features like drag-and-drop transfer of files, multi-monitor support are trivial but saves lot of time & our team use that very frequently.
  • Though I personally never face much issues with this but I do get few complaints from my team on logging out issues like GoToMyPC logs you out if it had not been used in over 15 -20 minutes, though I can understand its important for security reasons.
  • Sometimes my teams complained about facing issues in connecting remote desktops & the support team is not able to find out the reasons but it occurs very rarely.
  • It is expensive as compared to other remote desktop sharing software's like LogMeIn.
  • IT Help-desk team is able to remotely connect to another computer easily & troubleshoot the issues with no separate software installation & with minimal training.
  • It allows the employees to do work from home seamlessly since GoToMyPC allows you to access your entire work computer from home & not only files & screen.
  • It allows multiple users (IT Help-desk team members) to connect with the same host computer and control it simultaneously with no extra cost involved

1) Though feature wise PCAnyhere has no comparison but some of its features are not required or not used frequently, hence user is paying for most of things it don't require but GoToMyPC has only the relevant features which is available at less cost obviously.

2) Unlike pcAnyhere, GoToMyPC required no technical expertise as even the naive user could access their desktop remotely in a timely manner.

3) TeamViewer is expensive than GoToMyPC & have heard TeamViewer updates are very constant, which definitely makes it more expensive & not attractive option to consider

1) It works great on mobile devices, Remote sessions are supported from iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Kindle & is very easy to get started
2) It supports stretching or shrinking the interface to best fit the screen without serious visual degradation.
3) If the internet bandwidth is low, it still offers you the best performance by performance-tuning slider control which adjusts the balance of speed and appearance.
4) Custom desktop shortcut feature is great that will let you access your host computer with a single click. This is really good to use for those computers you access a lot.

GoToMyPC Feature Ratings

Screen sharing
File transfer
Instant message
Secure remote access with Smart Card authentication
Access to sleeping/powered-off computers
Over-the-Internet remote session
Initiate remote control from mobile
Remote management of servers & workstations
Remote Active Directory® management
Centralized management dashboard
Session record
Not Rated
Monitoring and Alerts
Not Rated
Multi-platform remote control