An essential for anyone working in Analytics & Optimisation
August 31, 2015

An essential for anyone working in Analytics & Optimisation

Richard Hayes | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Hotjar

Hotjar is managed by our Digital Analytics & Optimisation department to glean insights from the website for optimisation or debugging.
  • The support is fantastic, I've had issues resolved within hours of reporting them. Even the free accounts get support and all my emails have been responded to in a matter of hours or less.
  • The pricing is very disruptive when you compare it to more established players in the marketplace such as ClickTale. For €89 per *month* (yeah, monthly billing opposed to annual) we get a ton of features and insight that previously would have cost tens of thousands per year.
  • The product is easy to use and implement. As there's no server call constraint, we have their code snippet everywhere and can launch surveys, heatmaps and recordings in minutes. Moreover it's now possible to launch heatmaps on dynamic pages such as your cart, password protected areas and the like. This is done with a few clicks in the online interface, other solutions out there require your developers to implement server-side APIs - which for us would never happen.
  • Their product offering is unique by combining what is traditionally several products.
  • There's a publicly available roadmap for everyone to see. There are many improvements scheduled:
  • There's no mention on their product roadmap to integrate with Adobe Analytics or Target. This could be an issue further down the line with customers that run big websites. Heatmaps, Net Promoter Scores and visitor recordings are all good scenarios when we'd want to compliment with our digital analytics data and reporting.
  • We had an issue with a few heatmaps when the page is using unique div ids, however we received feedback that this is on the roadmap to be fixed.
  • I'd like better security options, this isn't a complaint specifically towards Hotjar as most SaaS platforms don't offer much. At a minimum you should be able to restrict login access by IP address.
  • The rapidness of getting surveys/polls live on pages in time for experiments going live or new creative is a major positive. Previously this would have been a multi-team effort taking up to 2 weeks and now it's done in minutes.
  • Our highest value funnel is the shopping cart and we have failed previously with other vendors in getting on-exit surveys and heatmaps live. This is a cinch now and the actionable feedbacks received in the first month pay for a lifetime's use of Hotjar.
  • The ease of getting surveys live has lead to a more data driven approach to experiment ideas and website changes. In the past ideas were mostly lead by opinions and guesswork and now more stakeholders are requesting qualitative feedback to help guide them.
Although ClickTale and Qualtrics have positive attributes and some features that might be lacking in Hotjar, the combined price of these 2 systems is significant in comparison, equally as important though is Hotjar just seems to work in scenarios that other vendors struggle with.
We've received most value/insight using "polls" which are small surveys asking one question, such as: if you decided not to buy today, what stopped you? These can be triggered on-exit which means when the user is about to leave your cart/page you can "pop" the question. We've tried these on-exit type surveys in the past with Qualtrics and we could never get it to work, so to be able to receive hundreds of feedbacks from cart abandoners is extremely valuable.