Every marketer needs HubSpot in their tool-belt
Updated April 08, 2015

Every marketer needs HubSpot in their tool-belt

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We use HubSpot throughout our Marketing team to manage all of our marketing efforts. It is used immensely by Marketing and a little bit by Sales - we try to encourage them to use the product as much as possible (mainly so they can see their prospects' timeline and make the calls a little warmer). In my job as Inbound Marketing Coordinator, I basically live in HubSpot all day long. From scheduling social media, to blogging, to email campaigns, to content creation (eBooks, landing pages, webinars), qualifying leads, and then using the analytics to tie all of these pieces together, I simply could not do my job without HubSpot.
  • User Interface - Everything in HubSpot is heavily user tested, and you can tell. Navigation is intuitive, the right pieces are where they need to be, and each area of the product does what I need it to do. Rare is the day when I feel that I really need a certain feature to run a way that it just isn't. Also, HubSpot is really friendly to those who might not be fluent in coding languages. While having knowledge in HTML and CSS helps (a lot), HubSpot makes everything pretty easily customizable in their COS. You can move, resize, and swap modules around on your site pages and landing pages with little difficulty.
  • Customer Support - The customer support at HubSpot is one of the best I've ever interacted with. The wait time is always relatively short, and the people who I talk to really know what they're talking about. They don't take their time either - they look deep into your issues and will not stop until they find either a solution or a work-around for you. They keep you regularly updated the whole way and translate what was done to solve the issue into a language you can understand (if it leans more towards the developer/engineer languages).
  • Academy/Training - If you are worried about getting into the system and fumbling around for months on end never really knowing what you're doing, I can assure you this won't happen with HubSpot. There are in depth training classes on each and every piece of the platform, as well as training for designers and inbound marketers. The sessions are live or pre-recorded and are extremely interactive. I was up and running on the platform within a month or so after taking these classes. It's a lot of information to take on, but they really get you working within the software and learning what the use is for each and every tool.
  • Resources - HubSpot is a content machine. They are constantly putting out eBooks, blogs (for more than just marketing, too), webinars, white-papers, kits, guides, and so on and so forth. There has never been a time where I searched for content about something and HubSpot hadn't covered it. They are always staying on top of new trends too, so you can be sure that you aren't working with outdated information.
  • While HubSpot has so many great features always coming out, it would be useful to have some more in-app notifications to the specific feature on how it has changed and how to best work in it based on the changes. While many of the changes are intuitive for someone working in the platform all-day everyday, it can be confusing for someone who doesn't interact as much with the tools.
  • I would love for the lists tool to be a little more comprehensive. While there is the opportunity to separate between folders, I would love for the lists to go in the folders and not stay on the main page - it can be a little cluttered in there sometimes. Also, the mapping can be a little confusing at times (you figure it out in time though!)
  • If all my dreams came true, there would be folders for CTAs :)
  • The ability to segment our lists and then send emails based on those lists has been so useful to our sales-marketing efforts. This really helps connect these two departments and saves the time on both ends of sending emails multiple times over and over again.
  • Workflows are another huge time saver that help nurture leads and bring them down the funnel without us having to manually do it each time. Segmenting prospects into buyer personas and then kicking them into a lead nurturing workflow based on their persona (and then using branching logic to really drill down, ensuring the right content is being provided) has had great success. So much work gets done without us having to do much of anything at all (besides constructing the initial email). Then, when prospects are ready, they'll come to sales.
  • Everything is tied together in HubSpot, so say goodbye to the days when you had to piece together data from all the different platforms you were using and then trying to somehow build a report justifying the costs. HubSpot does it for you.
I could not do my job effectively without HubSpot - I don't even know where I would start. HubSpot gives me everything I need within its software and the automation it allows for my team to create saves the time of both our department and sales as well. It has made a significant impact on the content we are able to create, and they are always updating and re-working areas of the platform that need work. The tool connects directly to our CRM, so anything I can possibly need to know is right there in the contact database. HubSpot makes everything easer - reporting, blogging, emailing, qualifying, list-building...I could go on for days. It's a fantastic tool - every marketer should be using it!
Anyone who is doing inbound marketing needs to be using HubSpot. Without a tool like this connecting all of your efforts together, you might as well be doing your job with a blindfold on. The tool is so deep, and there is so much reporting that can be done to show which of your marketing strategies are working the best and why. It's amazing all the information you can gather from HubSpot.

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