Integrify is a Consultant's Dream
January 31, 2019

Integrify is a Consultant's Dream

Patrick Stephens | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Integrify

With Integrify, I have mostly consulted on it's use. I used it personally with my current location to test it's viability in our organization and while I ended up going with another product, I do recommend it to help with workflow of other business - especially smaller ones who have a huge problem in time management and wasted cost when it comes to tedious tasks. For my current company, it was just myself; however, I trained and taught the consulting businesses in Integrify for use across the entire organization (around 15 - 20 people). The problem it was brought in to address related to the automation of long processes which could be easily managed with software rather than having it sit in the ever-changing hands of others. Those individuals could then spend more time at the heart of the project rather than be interrupted every few minutes.
  • Form ease of use. A drag and drop interface is very important in these products. You never know who will be using it (unless you are very strict with who you allow to use your forms), so it needs to be something a simple guide sheet can explain.
  • Form logic. Works the same way as Formstack's, so while it may not be something I would lead with, the ability to have forms with logic allows you to organize the collection of data in a very streamlined way. You are not getting answers to questions you don't need answers to. Customers can follow a simpler path.
  • Support team. This will get into a later point of discussion, but their support team is one of the best. They are there and willing to listen to your problem. They want to help you fix the issue at the root, not just answer your question and get to the next one. I really appreciated the time they would spend with me and those I consulted with!
  • It's complicated. No, really. When you log in, you won't know much about what you're doing and you may only get about 10% of what the program is capable of. This is not a good thing as some will just give up before delving further into the program. If it is too complicated at the outset for someone who doesn't understand forms or how these kinds of programs work, you will not gain new clients unless you are there the moment they create an account. You can have someone reach out, but - in my experience - the decision to continue with a program or write it off is in the first ten minutes.
  • When I first looked at it, printing larger flows was an issue. They have since addressed this, so the point of mentioning this is that (while they eventually looked back at the bigger picture) looking at large and small views would have been helpful.
  • The people I consulted had issues with Javascript. There were ways to get around it, but these people did not have the time to spend on that and asked me to find another solution.
  • For the people I consulted - it helped them put more into the personal aspects of the business. While certain processes ran, they could keep an eye on the data, but were otherwise free to focus on the important aspects of the business. They were a marketing group. Their copywriter was able to be a copywriter instead of just filling out forms all day!
  • It's adaptable. You can cross-pollinate any department with it, provided you know what you are doing. So, you are not getting a program for HR, and another for Marketing. Integrify can span the whole business. You can cut costs in focusing on one workflow product rather than a handful.
  • It did have one negative impact on the place I consulted. Their tech-savvy person left in early 2019, and nobody else was able to use the program. Nor did they want to try when opening it up and trying to understand it. I was able to help out, but ultimately they were discouraged. I would recommend training multiple people if you use this product, and emphasize their support team!
When it comes to workflow, you want something reliable. Something that covers all the bases. You don't get that with a lot of platforms because they want to be the "heart of the <insert name here> industry." Integrify is like a little blob of playdough. It is its own creature, sitting there in the middle, just malleable enough for you to stretch it to whichever department you want without it breaking. If you handle it badly, it will break and not work. But if you treat it right, and work with it, then it can become virtually anything for you.
If you know workflow programs, and if you are tech-savvy, then this program will help you with nearly everything. If you need a workflow made better or just need one period, then this will help. You can use it for nearly anything where there is a process. Unfortunately, in any of these scenarios, if you are not tech-savvy, then you do not want to use this program. It will be frustrating. Same can be said if you are handing the program off to someone. It can be too complex for some people. That said, if they are willing to learn the program, then you may be OK. But ultimately, you will lose time and effort. For us, Integrify was used in Admissions - the workflow had to be very specific, and was very complex when it came to the re-enrollment process; however, I would not have suggested it to HR. While it could have helped them, it would have resulted in many hours lost because of the complexity of the program if I were to have left. I'm not saying I was the be-all, end-all for it in HR! I am saying that they had never worked with a workflow program before, and it was going to cost her more time than she could spare.