Jab for all office Gabs
October 08, 2015

Jab for all office Gabs

Kaitlin Tucker | TrustRadius Reviewer
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10.5.1, 10.6.4

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  • Mac, Windows, Mobile

Overall Satisfaction with Jabber

We are using Jabber across the organization as a whole. The main problem Jabber is addressing for us is bridging the gap between staff that is in the field and staff that is in office, as well as just improving inner office communication. The most beneficial use of Jabber that we have been using is to connect our survey crews that are on client sites with project managers. We are using Jabber across multiple devices using file sharing, video, voice and chat. It is making a huge difference in the efficiency of sharing valuable site information in real-time. While we are still getting everyone into the habit of adopting this new system, we know it will be a game changer for our company.
  • Connecting various devices - Jabber connects PC, Mac, Mobile and Tablet users where end users can communicate seamlessly.
  • Presence - having Jabber integrated into Outlook has made client and inner office communications easier and provides more information to fellow users when we can see who is in a meeting, away, or busy.
  • File Sharing- inner office file sharing we have been doing through Jabber instead of email. It can very quickly process and send large files between users without bogging down our inbox, this is especially useful when collaborating on documents.
  • Communication Escalation- at any time when using Jabber there is an option to take your communication to the next level, being able to quickly and easily escalate a chat to a group chat, a group chat to a WebEx, sharing screens- it makes communicating easy through various mediums.
  • The back end of Jabber and creating the proper profiles in CUCM can be frustrating. Often the solution is easy e.g.: "check this box or uncheck this box" however actually finding these areas in the CUCM profiles can be difficult. Also, the setup is not always straight forward, one profile could have certain settings and the next could have completely different settings and they both work. It makes trouble shooting a little difficult.
  • Mobile app - When using the Jabber app and using video if you need to swipe between screens you lose the video window to see the chat window. It would be useful if the video screen would shrink down and be visible the entire time you are on the call.
  • Share screen - sharing screens between MAC and Windows users is not possible with just the Jabber client, you must make it a WebEx in order to receive full functionality.
  • Better customer service - anyone in the company can now better direct clients or client calls because of the presence feature.
  • Efficiency- Jabber on tablets and mobile devices allows people in the field to share real-time video of client sites, project managers can directly share files to people in the field. This is a huge advantage on project work. We have even had employees that were able to work on vacation by using Jabber mobile to receive important client calls while the client thinks they are still calling them at their desk!
  • Better communication - again being able to have Jabber on multiple devices makes communicating quick and easy. While someone may not be available because they are on a conference call they can respond to chats. They may be commuting but they can still answer desk calls. It makes information transfers easy.
I used Sametime, also in an enterprise setting, about 3 years ago so since thenI am sure they have also improved their offerings and technology. However, at the time it did not have an automatic presence that linked to calendars, you had to change it unless it was idle. It also did not connect to our desk phones. I would say Jabber offers a more seamless communication process.
It really depends on the size of the company and the perceived need for the product. Smaller companies can get away with using free clients such as the features that Google offers. The company also needs to have a majority of people that are adaptable, while using Jabber was second nature to me, other users of older generations have a difficult time understanding the purpose of this product and as a result have a hard time adapting it. If the company has a large portion of people that are in and out of the office on a regular basis Jabber's mobile app is a HUGE selling point. This was one of the biggest selling points in our decision.

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Internal knowledgebase
Integrates with Gmail and Google Hangouts
Integrates with Outlook
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Document collaboration
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Advanced security features
Device sync

Using Jabber

There are still some improvements to be made between MAC and Windows users. Also the share screen between various devices does not always work. Any user can quickly adapt and understand how to use Jabber. The interface is very intuitive and straight forward. The transition between interfaces on PCs, to tablets, to mobile devices is also very consistent and set up almost identically.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Requires technical support
  • Transitioning between communications- moving from chat, to call, to video, to file sharing, or sharing screens, adding additional people, it is all so easy!
  • Voicemail - checking voicemail through Jabber is a lifesaver you can get voicemails when you are away from your desk on your mobile device and can easily listen, rewind, call back, chat - you can respond easily however you want!
  • Instant video - once the profiles are properly set up in CUCM having calls to start with video on mobile devices has made our field workers' lives so much easier they just have to answer the phone.
  • The back end of setting up profiles is very cumbersome. Finding settings is difficult.
Yes - Love it!!! The mobile interface makes it like you have never left the office. We have multiple project managers that use the mobile interface more that the client. They receive client calls from their office extension directly to their phones while they are in the field. It makes connecting to people on the go seamless and easy as possible.