Great Analytics Platform for Pros and Rookies
December 12, 2013

Great Analytics Platform for Pros and Rookies

Karan Arora | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • Funnel Analysis
  • A/B Testing
  • Cohort Reports
  • Customer Profiles

Overall Satisfaction

  • KISSmetrics did Funnel Analysis really well. Unlike Google Analytics, the admin does not need to predefine the funnel paths and can change funnel paths on the fly. This is very useful because the admin does not always know which path would they be most interested in.
  • KISSmetrics also does tracking of individual users really well. It is able to tie user visits to your website from before the user registers. It is also able to track user visits on different browsers and devices.
  • KISSmetrics customer support is incredible. Each time we had an issue, they would quickly hop on a call and provide all the necessary information and detailed responses.
  • KISSmetrics admin tools' user experience is extremely intuitive. Even for non-technical audiences, it is very easy to learn and start using.
  • At the time I used KISSmetrics, I was not able to use the user segmentation functionality very easily.
  • The API level integration between KISSmetrics and any metrics that the business may be capturing was available, but did not support all features.
  • We were able to optimize our conversion funnel and remove some steps to dramatically improve our conversion rates.
  • We were able to identify our most effective marketing channels and optimize our ad expenditure accordingly.
  • We were also able to gauge users' interest in various product features and promote features that appealed most to our audience.
Most of all, KISSmetrics is an evolving product and adds new features and functionality on an ongoing basis. Their customer support is excellent and their engineers take the time to understand and explain how the system works in case of an issue. Also, for Product Managers who are not extremely code-savvy, the user interface is extremely simple and robust. Once set up, it is difficult to "break" the reporting - something that is so easy to do with Google Analytics and Omniture.
To anyone looking to make a selection between various analytics platforms, I would recommend considering the following
- What is the level of expertise of the admin using the tool?
- What features are most important to you?
- Do you care most for webview or number of actual people using your service?
- Do you know in advance what metrics you will be most interested in?