LabTech leads to more productive and positive environment
September 13, 2016

LabTech leads to more productive and positive environment

Linda Lynch | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with LabTech

We use LabTech to monitor technology assets for approximately 50 clients with 800 endpoints in total. LabTech alerts us to issues that need to be addressed by creating tickets in our Connectwise system. It also allows us to connect to endpoints remotely for problem resolution when the issue cannot be automatically addressed and resolved by LabTech. In some instances, we can use LabTech to remediate the issue without having to connect to the endpoint, a real plus in many situations.
  • Remote access to endpoints is through Screenconnect. This tool connects faster than anything we have ever used and we have far fewer problems connecting than we had with other tools.
  • The integration with Connectwise is very tight. Many tickets are created for issues that may need attention, but are then closed because the situation has been resolved. For example, we get tickets when servers are offline. When the issue is resolved, the tickets automatically close and we don't have to go through them to make sure that they were closed.
  • LabTech also allows us to control how tickets are created in our Connectwise system based on the category of alert. It is very easy to make sure critical issues are separated from non-critical issues so that our on-call team can be notified of critical events and not bothered with alerts that do not require immediate attentions.
  • The reporting functionality could certainly be improved. You can schedule reports to be sent to clients or internally, but the scheduling is very inflexible.
  • When we purchased LabTech, we were also interested in backup software that would integrate and allow us to perform workstation image backups to local NAS drives. We went with ArcServe only to find out that it wasn't well integrated, in fact, I don't think it is unfair to say that is was not integrated at all. We also learned that we were paying for licenses that are actually free directly from ArcServe. We were able to get the billing changed and we were eventually able to get LabTech to monitor the ArcServe backups, but there still isn't really what we would call integration available.
  • Many of the things that we asked about during implementation had answers that began with 'you can write an SQL query....'. In my mind, this is not an acceptable answer. These were not off the wall requests, but were about how to get the same functionality we had in our previous tool. I don't expect to have to use SQL queries to get reasonable information out of the tool.
  • It was much cheaper for us to purchase LabTech than to keep paying for support on the product that we owned previously.
  • It took us much longer than expected to fine tune the system and be using LabTech 100%. If you switch from another tool, plan on several months to get it implemented and you will need a resource dedicated to this effort.
  • In the end, we are more productive and my team is much less frustrated than they were previously.
  • Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA)

We were previously using Kaseya and were frustrated by the difficulties we had in a number of areas. We were unable to use Kaseya's remote control reliably and experienced other problems. When we asked for help, the answer was usually one of two things:

1. It works for us so the problem must be with your system. While that may well have been true, there was never any direction given on what might be the problem.

2. We know that is a problem, but we aren't going to fix it for some fairly long period of time.

Eventually, this became too frustrating and my engineers were asking me to evaluate other systems and make a change.

Overall, LabTech works well for us and we are happier than we were with our previous tools. The ease and speed at which we can make remote connections has made our team more productive than we were previously. There is, however, a period of time where you need to be fine tuning the tools to eliminate some of the noise that is generated out of the box.