LabTech, the last RMM You Will Ever Use
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February 24, 2017

LabTech, the last RMM You Will Ever Use

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Overall Satisfaction with LabTech

We utilize LabTech, or Connectwise Automate as they have changed the name, to rapidly deploy remote management tools to our end clients. We use it to do everything from managing Windows patches to automatically cleaning registry errors and auto fixing issues with Windows. We also use it to distribute approved software and make tickets for pressing end client issues. It also enables us to deploy commands to entire environments if we need to mass deploy a GPO or find a single file in hundreds of computers.
  • Scalability.
  • Reduces time that techs need to work on remote computers.
  • Infinitely customizable.
  • Auto fix actions to keep your techs focused on what really matters.
  • Complex setup and configuration, you need a degree in LabTech to really be able to implement it without some help from Connectwise.
  • The main control center and dashboard GUI looks like it came out of Windows 98 but the Computer Management and Patch Management screens look like Windows 10, it can be jarring going back and forth.
  • You will have no clue what to do with all your free time once you have it set up.
  • Reduced load time on technician timetables, opening time up to additional work that may have been put off until after regular tasks are done.
  • Enables software and patches to be pushed out in minutes instead of hours.
  • Lets end users submit tickets directly from a tray icon, reducing time between the first time an issue pops up and when it is brought to your attention and resolved.
Labtech enables a wide range of plug-ins and additional features such as anti-virus management, backup management, and auto fix actions that simply don't stand up against the competition. Also, it has many small quality of life improvements such as ticket system integration for end users and monitored events. Being able to see a ticket created by LabTech to check on the status of a backup, and fix it from the system and have the ticket close itself is a huge gain over the other systems.
LabTech is best suited when you need to manage many different computers on many different clients or hundreds of computers on a single client. Don't bother picking this up if you have less than fifty endpoints that you manage. Also if you are unfamiliar with key SQL, PowerShell, and Scripting concepts you may want to take a few courses before implementing LabTech as it can be very technical to get the initial setup out of the way. After that, you can deploy software, reboot computers, run remote PowerShell commands, and more with the touch of a single button.