Independent Full-Desk Recruiter - A Tool I Can Buy on my Own ;)
March 22, 2016

Independent Full-Desk Recruiter - A Tool I Can Buy on my Own ;)

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Overall Satisfaction with Lead411

I use Lead411 to contact potential leads about working with me to help fill internal openings within the software engineering sector. We do not have a company-wide lead tool. Every recruiter is responsible for their own lead development efforts - so I subscribe to Lead411 on my own dime :) It sets itself apart from other tools like ZoomInfo where you only get contact info, and it's not always as accurate as Lead411. Also, I can see who is hiring, who just got funding, etc. You can't do that with DataFox, RainKing or DiscoverOrg with a self-bought membership. They all push for team-based pricing. Thanks Lead411! - Sincerely, Full-Desk Recruiter (who pays for their own biz dev tools!).


  • Company/People Intel - who's hiring, who received funding, mergers, new hires.
  • Contacts added and updated daily!
  • I CAN BUY AN INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP, because unlike other companies, we don't have lead tools paid for by the company!


  • A co-worker signed up and someone asked him for his payment info via email. This was strange.
  • My manager bought a few seats for my team and the "Customer Success Manager" gave him a hard time about pricing and number of seats. I thought this was pretty tough considering the fact that a couple of us referred him and he bought the seats because we rave about it.
  • I've noticed a few folks who have moved on to another company. Is there a button that top users can press to add updated information or flag it as a bad contact?
  • The industries and job titles should be more vague. C-level/VP/Director + Department = CTO/VP Engineering; similar to how ZoomInfo has it. A lot of the titles that Lead411 has are tough to search on.
  • I don't like having to keep scrolling down for more people/companies to come up on the list. One time I had no idea that I had more to load! There should be something that tells you to keep scrolling, or just load it all at once!
  • Better lead engagement. They are relevant to what I'm looking for (most of the time).
With Lead411 I get a mix of intelligence, data and company information. With these other tools I get one or the other, and I can't buy a seat for myself. I know independent recruiters who I've been pushing to try Lead411, I just haven't found the time to get them on board with me!
Lead411 is well suited to the agency recruiter or business development representative. It is also well suited to B2B companies.

Lead411 Feature Ratings

Advanced search
Identification of new leads
List quality
List upload/download
Ideal customer targeting
Load time/data access
Contact information
Company information
Industry information
Lead qualification process
Smart lists and recommendations
Salesforce integration
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Company/business profiles
Alerts and reminders
Data hygiene
Automatic data refresh
Filters and segmentation
Sales email templates
Not Rated
Append emails to records
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