massive and passive software training library
November 29, 2017 massive and passive software training library

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All of my comments about are my own personal opinions and do not represent the views of the firm. I'm providing my personal views independent of my current employer.

I can't really speak to how others in my organization use It is not a part of any of our formal training programs. I use it outside of work when I need to brush up on my software skills. I know that others do as well, but it would not be accurate to say that it is used by our organization.
  • Variety: the library is enormous. In fact, it can be a little overwhelming when you sit down and search.
  • Depth: training videos are very detailed.
  • High quality: videos are delivered by knowledgeable experts who have great screen presence.
  • Passive content: I would like to see training that is more interactive. videos are purely passive. They do provide source code so that you can follow along. But this source code does not take the place of skill checks.
  • Learning plans: I think that can do a better job of providing users with more direction when it comes to selecting related training. Most people do a search for the software they need to learn to use, such as Photoshop. And, has hours and hours of Photoshop training. But, it would be great if the platform asked you to identify the projects you need to do and recommend relevant supplements. If you need to learn Photoshop, you probably also need to know how to use Illustrator, InDesign, etc.
  • ROI has been positive. I've needed to know how to use an application, and has helped me develop my skills. I know more after taking a course than I did before it. That increase in knowledge and skills translates into greater productivity.
  • To be fair, I've never paid for a license. I've used the licenses of former employers, and our public library has licensing deals with for patrons. Since I have $0 invested in, any knowledge gains represent a significant ROI.
  • Treehouse and YouTube
If I were the decision-maker, I don't know if I would have chosen In grad school, we were required to subscribe to Treehouse for a course in web development. Treehouse has the superior platform in that it includes mandatory skill checks. Instead of simply watching a video, you have to demonstrate a skill. Treehouse has a superior system of grouping content that awards badges for completing similarly grouped training modules (javascript required completion of "Programming Languages", for example, which is also an introductory course in more advanced programs.'s library is huge, but it is difficult to see how individual programs work together with others. works very well to provide you high-level overviews of a wide variety of software. I have only found a few applications that doesn't cover. The passive video approach, however, is inherently limited, in spite of the high quality of the presentation. also works very well for those who need to learn independently of others. It does not work well for groups of learners.