April 25, 2019


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Overall Satisfaction with Matillion

Currently, we use Matillion as a middle-ware to transfer our data into the data warehouse (Amazon Redshift).
But we planned way more than this.

The main advantage of Matillion is the connectivity to our ERP. As I made the decision there was no other supplier for ETL who did it like they do. And that's great!


  • Connectivity
  • All problems can be solved with the software
  • Quick support
  • Quick setup
  • Experienced support


  • If you have questions, the support can help you. But sometimes it is easier for me to complete one job with one screen share. We have often the problem that open tickets stay open for more than one week. Because the support tries to explain things instead of doing them. As soon as we got the pattern, we can adapt it.
  • Hard to set up new jobs with a new pattern, missing experience on our side.
  • Quiet expensive.
  • Weak forum, it's hard to help yourself without the support.
  • Extremely fast reloads, almost live data - in the past, we had to wait for hours to get fresh data
  • No workload at our source systems, queries are now done at the data warehouse
There are a lot of functionalities and features. You have to be very familiar with them. If not, it's hard to use Matillion completely on your own. Means you often have to ask for help. But if you use it the whole day as a real power user, I think it is really good. In our case, we constantly set up new jobs, but it takes time to do this.
When we set up Matillion the first goal was just to get all necessary tables into the warehouse. We have some special requirements like SOAP API calls and open and close an SSH tunnel for our databases. That was at the very beginning of how I knew Matillion. So we had to play around and wait for fitting solutions.

If you have simple cloud-based databases you can set it up very quickly. But in our case, it took around a half year until everything was running very efficiently.
I don't know any limitations. For sure there are some limits while using iterators for example. But you can always build workarounds. No issues in terms of scalability.
  • Stitch
Stich is working with transferred lines, Matillion used time (like Amazon). That means if you want to scale up your business, you have to pay more. With Matillion your costs [stay the same]. For sure, if you use a bigger machine on Amazon, you have to pay more...

The other thing is the connectivity. Stich wasn't able to cover all of our needs.
I think it can transfer and transform almost every dataset [regardless of] the source to your warehouse.
Which means you don't have to look for another solution if you use Matillion. They can tackle it.

For now, I can't describe one case.

Matillion Feature Ratings

Connect to traditional data sources
Simple transformations
Complex transformations
Data model creation
Business rules and workflow
Testing and debugging
Integration with data quality tools
Integration with MDM tools


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