I think it's called Mindflash because you can get training online in an instant
Updated January 03, 2017

I think it's called Mindflash because you can get training online in an instant

Karl Plesz, CD MMS | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Mindflash

This product was selected to first help the Safety group deliver 'safety orientation' training to shop and field workers across several provinces and into the US without involving constant travel or face-to-face interaction. The group needed an online delivery system that was easy to use, easy to administer and easy on the budget. The Safety group likes that the online training can be given to new contractors and permanent employees before they even show up for work. Now that we are seeing its benefits, other groups, such as HR, IT and QC are using it too. HR is using it to offer another option to take Conflict Awareness training and we are rolling out 'new employee orientation' as well. IT is using it to offer simple, focussed, fast courses to the whole company to save trainer resources for sessions that truly justify face-to-face training.
  • The user interface is clean and uncomplicated.
  • Mindflash isn't bogged down with unnecessary bells and whistles.
  • No matter what the source of your content, Mindflash converts it into one seamless presentation.
  • Tutorials are built in.
  • Their customer service are prompt and friendly.
  • The people at Mindflash listen to your suggestions to improve the product and incorporate them when they can.
  • The reporting capabilities are pretty decent.
  • Adding voiceovers from within Mindflash is easy, but unforgiving. You have to do each slide in one uninterrupted take, or do it over.
  • Mindflash doesn't handle animations in PowerPoint well. This is OK though, as animations tend to be a distraction anyway.
  • You can't delete or re-order or edit slides once they're in Mindflash. You can hide them. If re-ordering or editing is required, you have to upload a new, polished presentation.
  • Mindflash doesn't help you schedule training or re-training.
  • [Update: They fixed this! There is a new role that allows for pure read-only viewing!] There is no (non-student) role that can only view tracking information. All roles have access to managing courses.
  • The biggest improvement we have seen with Mindflash is better and faster training delivery without having to involve a live trainer or pay to send trainers on the road.
  • The ROI on Mindflash is mind boggling, as to hire another trainer just for the Safety group would cost at least 4 times as much.
  • When the IT Trainer volunteers to fully support Mindflash and assist content developers with content polishing, uploading and management, you know the product is good.
  • HR is now making use of Mindflash to deliver online Conflict Awareness training and new employee orientation.
  • During an economic downturn in our industry, Mindflash saved us regarding Safety training when the Safety group lost most of its people. We couldn't have achieved our training objectives without it.
Our priorities are ease of use, economy and flexibility. Skillsoft was too content-heavy. It would have been good had we only been interested in ready-made content. Their content just didn't meet our needs. Cornerstone was too expensive, too complicated and would have required a complex implementation and training period . We asked for a demo and were not shown the content management aspect of the product, nor given access to a trial. Mindflash met all of our needs. The product was easy to use. I had 3 demo courses up and running in one afternoon. I was able to add a lot of users via an import datasheet. There's even an iPad app for both managing Mindflash and taking courses.
When your content is already polished and you just need a quick, easy platform to deliver it online, this is the one to choose. Don't choose Mindflash if you need a sophisticated product that fully integrates with your HRMS system. If you want the perfect try-before-you-buy system, this is it. After a full two week trial, they converted our environment directly to production. Do yourself a favour and get a content authoring software such as Adobe Captivate (or something similar) to produce SCORM-compliant content ready to upload into Mindflash. It makes a the content more usable and solves the voice-over issues because you can do the voice (or have a computer voice read the narrative - even better) in the original content.

Using Mindflash

4 - IT, HR and Safety training and onboarding.
1 - You would have to have a decent understanding of databases, because the biggest issues usually involve user duplication or typos and missing data. Aside from that, you need a good understanding of browser problems and SCORM content, as this would be our second biggest issue.
  • New hire needs safety training before they can begin work.
  • New hire needs technical orientation to familiarize with computer and network resources.
  • Employee wants training but cannot afford to spend time away from desk.
  • Employees were receiving training outside of Mindflash, but management needed a way to track completion and retention. So we made a course just for testing and tracking.
  • We could make sure Fire Marshalls are up to speed on any new safety developments and test for retention.
  • We could provide new hires with HR information regarding benefits, etc.
The number of people using Mindflash is only going to rise and we need a system that remains easy to use for everyone involved. [update] This is especially vital now that we've lost head count in critical departments. Getting all of our training and Safety objectives met would be impossible without Mindflash.

Mindflash Implementation

If you're going to develop a short course to demo the product internally, don't bother avoiding your own topics. Mindflash rolls whatever content you create during the trial into your production environment when you decide to buy. The time taken to go from not having a system to being live with Mindflash is virtually instant. What you'll be wanting for is time to develop content and people to test it out.
Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled - Sometimes management want you to try using something they are familiar and comfortable with. We had to show them that sometimes simplicity trumps integration. Content developers also had to come to terms with content that might be suitable for face-to-face training is not suitable for unsupervised elearning.
  • Incompatibility with old web browsers.
  • User management strategy.
  • Available time for content development.

Mindflash Support

First, they have a decent knowledgebase. Second, you can ask them a question instantly via live chat. I have yet to present a problem they couldn't fix. And I always feel like my problems matter.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response

Using Mindflash

The interface is just so simple to understand. It's clean and efficient. We showed Mindflash off to the Safety group, who are not computer gurus and they were beyong excited to use it.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Importing content
  • Creating quizzes and surveys
  • Looking at tracking data
  • Managing voiceovers
  • Replacing individual slides
Yes - It works great. They have an app for iPad, but not iPhone, which is understandable.