Customer Success is providing the right content, every time, anywhere!
Travis Sousa | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated October 10, 2017

Customer Success is providing the right content, every time, anywhere!

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Overall Satisfaction with MindTouch

MindTouch is being used by DealerTeam to the fullest measure.

Internally - Structured content allows for new hires to read self-help articles and learn about tribal knowledge without taking valuable time away from top producers. MT has saved time and improved the efficiency behind new and existing employee training. Team building has also improved as we can now share articles around the office by copying and pasting a link. Whether it's to answer an employee question or provide an answer to a client, sharing content is fast and easy.

Externally - A web centric knowledge base with public facing URL's for each piece of content!! Are you kidding me? Nope, that's what you get with MindTouch. Don't worry, you can keep sensitive content private with Roles and Permissions. Creating public facing content structured like a website has made a huge impact for our customer support channels. Self-help content available 24/7 has successfully catered to our niche in the automotive retail industry. With high turnover and constant re-training, our clients can now direct their employees to our Customer Success site and not our phone lines. I have personally reduced my time on the phone and webinars by over 50%.

Help Tickets - When ticket deflection doesn't serve up the answer automatically, our Agents are responding faster to help tickets through the MindTouch Service Cloud integration. The Genius Link displays top rated articles and provides matches based off key words for fast content sharing. But seeing the User search history is the real hero for customer support. Our Agents can track where the customer has already view content on our MT site making each response relevant and progressive when solving the case. Even when the answer is to draft new content, our customers' questions are perpetually dictating a better success site.

The DealerTeam Community - We wanted to build a community for our customers to get real value. The idea was to use SSO and provide a single place for customers to provide Ideas, access Knowledge, Release Notes, Cases Management, and The DealerTeam Academy for LMS. MindTouch is so progressive it already had an integration for our Customer Community. Using custom code to leverage the integration, we can provide our customers a seamless experience to content in MindTouch we used to create our Learning Management System. I cannot express the time saving advantage enough. Because MindTouch is structured in a way that promotes content sharing, we were able to leverage the platform to build our LMS and control the message delivered to every customer, no matter where they choose to access the content.

Organic Search and SEO - MindTouch puts Google to work in your advantage. I had no SEO experience prior to building the success site, so don't expect me to get technical here. By following SEO best practices and using the MT content structure, our published articles started to land on page one search results. The simple fact anyone can use their browser from any device and search for DealerTeam help content is amazing.
  • MindTouch has build a relevant platform to create and host public facing help content. It is easy to use yet robust enough to get highly technical with API's and seamless integrations.
  • MindTouch continues to revolutionize customer success. In the two years I have subscribed to their services, they continue to release new and useful features, educate and inspire the industry, drive innovation, and build strategic partnerships for long-term success.
  • MindTouch provides amazing customer and technical support. On top of a stellar product, they go out of there way to offer the best customer experience.
  • The Company Culture at MindTouch is impressive. Upon several visits to headquarters in downtown San Diego I have had the pleasure to become aquatinted with many of the employees. The company is comprised of stand-out talent and exceptional people working for the common goal of customer success
  • A dominate social media presence. If you want to know about MindTouch, you don't have to go very far. These guys are experts at what they sell and practice everything they preach.
  • Every emerging technology strives to improve. Not all problems are foreseeable and bugs exist. If I could dream up where MindTouch can improve, I can assure you they have already begun.
  • The standard pay structure of buying a full year in advance might be tuff for smaller startups
  • I would love MindTouch to provide video hosting as part of their service.
  • Providing existing clients with self-help documentation is directly responsible for retaining one of our biggest customers. Because they were having trouble training employees, they considered leaving. Building our Success Site gave them the confidence of 24/7 product support. We have reduced churn over the last two years to a single client who closed the doors. Aside from a few reductions in user licenses, all existing clients are set to renew their annual subscriptions, making this the first year we will have 100% customer renewals.
  • We have reduced the time to onboard new customers by 35-40%. Touch Points and Learning Paths for role based users focus on specific content, increase the efficiency of user training, reduced frustrations, and greatly improved product adoption.
  • Help Tickets use to be extremely time consuming with scheduled webinars and basic user training. What use to be a 30 minute phone call before MindTouch is now a reply email with a link to a help article. Through Analytics we can see a constant increase in users searching out success articles and benefiting from self-help. I personally spend 50% less time on training calls and in general helping customers with basic questions.
The first goal for building our success site was to provide our clients instant access to content supporting our core products. We needed self-service content because the auto industry moves fast, works late, and is always changing. The idea we could create and manage content on a single platform and reuse the content anywhere we saw fit was a dream come true. Today we leverage MindTouch to provide self-service for our customers through our website, MT success site, customer community, in-product support, open case management, and our LMS. We can literally serve up the right answer to any customer wherever they choose to search.
MindTouch is the core technology behind all of our self-service initiatives. It drives the content behind our community, customer training, and our LMS. We can leverage technology to reuse the MindTouch content in a variety of ways to alway offer the right content at the right time.
Because of the many ways MindTouch can be structured any business providing customer support and documentation can benefit.

Evaluating MindTouch and Competitors

I will be brief. DealerTeam is built upon Salesforce and we try to support native apps. We used first for basic Help Ticket management. The product did not satisfy how our customers were looking for information. We upgraded to Service Cloud with Knowledge Base and spent one year writing content and developing our support agency. Again, our customers were upset about submitting help tickets and waiting for answers. They wanted access to self-help while working with a customer. Today we continue to use Service Cloud with MindTouch integration and have found complete success. There is simply no other solution I know of that is a flexible and easy to use as MindTouch when it come to providing customer success and product support.