Mixpanel - Easy, Affordable, Flexible
May 09, 2014

Mixpanel - Easy, Affordable, Flexible

Marshal Gaddis | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Mixpanel

We use Mixpanel to measure engagement and to guide product development of our iOS and Android apps. Mixpanel lets us visualize the customer behavior flow and quantify numerous conversion and behavior funnels.
  • Easily set up simple behavior funnels. I.e. Customers who did A, then did B, then did C, with conversion rates at each step.
  • Manage profiles of customers for targeted marketing. E.g. Send a push notification to all of my customers who consumed a particular product 3 months ago. Or automatically send a message to every user 2 weeks after their first login.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE!! They have excellent reps who are very knowledgable and quick to jump into a sticky analytics question. They are honest when Mixpanel is not the right tool for the a particular job, but are pretty good and coming up with solutions that fit within your existing framework.
  • Layman's access to data exports is not great, unfortunately. The structure of the data when exported from nice and clean "Export" buttons is such that you can't really squeeze additional insight and custom analysis out of it. It often comes summarized so that the only real use would be creating custom dashboards, not running custom analysis.
  • The data export API could also be a bit more open. Restrictions on the types of operations that can access the data make it more clumsy than it should be to extract your information.
  • There are a few minor disconnects in the main reporting tools that make it so that you can't add that one last filter, or that one last dimension. For example, you might be able to see trends by city, and you see trends in conversion funnels, but you can't see trends in conversion funnels broken out by city.
  • Decreases product development time
  • Increases conversions due to strategic custom marketing
  • Decreases cost of developer time
I have not used any of Mixpanel's direct competitors in the event-logging space, besides Google Analytics. Google Analytics' custom event tracking is a poor alternative. GA really isn't built for the kinds of things you can do with Mixpanel.
Quite affordable and account tiers scale easily with my business so that what I pay increases and shrinks as my need increases and shrinks.
It is very well suited to scenarios in which consumers of the data like to get their hands dirty, but don't necessarily have the chops to do complex data analysis themselves (think hands-on directors).

It is less appropriate if you have teams of analysts that like to run complex, custom reports on large bodies of internal data.

The best way to determine if Mixpanel is right for you would be to call them up and tell them as much as you can about your business and your reporting needs. They are very personable, while still being technically advanced and will be honest if what you're asking for would be too inefficient or impossible using Mixpanel. If it can be done, they'll prove it by setting up dummy data in your free account and demonstrating the solution.