MySQL is tried and true
September 28, 2016

MySQL is tried and true

Christopher Weiss | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with MySQL

We use MySQL in a variety of ways both internal to Dewpoint and among our customers:

1. It is the backend utility database for a variety of tools such as Jira, Bugzilla, NoSQL tools, etc.
2. It is an application database for some web based applications.
3. It is a caching database used at local customer sites for larger applications.
4. It is a prototyping database during initial phases of development before deploying on a more expensive RDBMS such as Oracle or SQL Server.

MySQL represents a reliable and simple database that supports standard SQL with good tools and good integration points.


  • It is incredibly simple to implement even across operating systems such as Windows and Linux.
  • It is very easy to configure and manage. Setting parameters and memory profiles is very straightforward, backups are simple, and stopping, starting, and deploying are very easy.
  • The different storage engines represent distinctive features sets and allow for flexible feature rich deployments within the same database.
  • It follows the more extended name space used by products such as SQL Server and Sybase. This namespace is more flexible.


  • MySQL simply doesn't scale as well as commercial databases. It seems to reach a performance plateau where you are then required to shard the data into different instances to get the performance you need.
  • The stored procedure and programming language is too limited compared to TSQL or PL/SQL.
  • Configuring the different storage engines is cumbersome to enable features like spatial queries. It would be helpful if all features could run out of the InnoDB storage engine.
  • It lacks some of the higher end features of commercial databases such as flashback recovery, updateable views, etc.
  • MySQL has been a vital cost reducing technology for smaller databases that do not require commercial support.
  • We have successfully sold the enterprise edition to customers who wanted to beef up the capabilities of MySQL compared to the community edition without rewriting an application to use a fully commercial database such as DB2, Oracle or SQL Server
  • MySQL has been extremely cost effective where we have deployed it. When compared to Oracle or MySQL, the savings has been substantial.
I have used more than 10 different SQL databases over the course of my career. Of those, the three I find myself using over and over include MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server. I have actually replaced smaller deployments of Oracle and SQL Server with MySQL as a way to reduce licensing costs, administration overhead, and operation complexity for several customers. In the right solution space, there is nothing better than MySQL.
MySQL works extremely well for small to mid sized web applications using open source stacks like LAMP or Java. The integrations are strong and the administration works out extremely well. MySQL is indispensable as a tools database. You can see this in its consistent usage in this capacity for over 15 years. I would not use MySQL for a large complex enterprise systems with terabyte databases and complex deployments.


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