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Updated February 11, 2014

Try before you buy!

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Modules Used

  • Calendar - scheduling
  • Candidate tracking

Overall Satisfaction

I work in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, myStaffingPro was the ATS chosen by a Financial Services client. MyStaffingPro was used to track active applicants and import passive candidates. Used for scheduling interviews and moving candidates through the recruiting process. Specifically the program was used by the recruiting and human resources teams. MyStaffingPro addressed the need to have an Applicant Tracking System, however it was not user friendly or intuitive. As a user and administrator, I found the software to be clunky, there are not convenient ways to "undo" mistakes. Far too many manual maneuvers, which can lead to user error and additional notes and comments are needed to amend such mistakes, making it unclear to other users who may be viewing that candidates profile. Also the system takes too long to address small issues. For example, moving a candidate to another status takes multiple clicks on several screens. If trying to move quickly through a resume review, much time is spent manually moving candidates to statuses.
  • One strength of myStaffingPro is because of its heavy manual interface, there is a lot of detail and very specific reason codes. This is very useful for later reporting to get specific information on hires and rejects.
  • Also the ability to upload documents (CVs, resumes, phone screen notes, etc) is all located in a convenient place
  • The calendar function is good, there are stop measures to prevent double booking and the time zones are preset
  • The biggest concern with myStaffingPro is its not user friendly, it requires a lot of training to understand the system. Its not intuitive.
  • No way to easily change candidate status or correct mistakes. Very manual and sometimes requires an administrator to "fix"
  • The dashboard and look and feel of the software is outdated, not easy on the eyes and staring at it all day is tiring.
  • myStaffingPro has a negative impact on lead conversion, the system takes too long to process candidates. The vast number of screens to just review a resume and then move to the appropriate status takes between 5-7 minutes.
  • The system is not efficient, time is lost, searching through the vast number of source options and picking the appropriate codes, rather than moving onto more qualified leads
  • There is no convenient way of searching for duplicate candidates, this has lead to candidates being screened more than once for the same opportunity, or recruiters reviewing a candidate multiple times because of multiple profiles. Lost productivity
  • Taleo,Lumesse,avature,gr8people,redcarpet,Workday,SAP CRM,Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing
I wasn't part of the selection process of myStaffingPro it was already implemented by my client. However in terms of an ATS it has all the necessary functions to be a useful ATS. There are more intuitive programs such as Taleo that can be easily modified by the user/administrator rather than needing to contact the service provider to make minor changes.
If I were a decision maker, I would not choose to renew myStaffingPro because of the overly manual process and lost productivity. I've found other ATS's that have the same functionality but are more intuitive, user friendly and appealing. Getting a hold of customer service and support was difficult and they were rarely able to fix the immediate issue.
Because of its inability to quickly change candidate statuses, it maybe well suited for financial or government clients, where precision is key and guidelines need to be strictly followed. This oversight and checks and balances makes it ideal for institutions which are very concerned with compliance. It is not appropriate for situations where the volume of candidates is very high, the inability to move quickly through the system slows down recruiters and HR personnel and limits there ability to go through large numbers of candidates in a reasonable amount of time. This could potentially increase the time to fill and candidates dropping off throughout the process.


The few interactions I've had with customer support have left me wanting more. Not optimal customer service, lack of response or updates on my issue. No acknowledgement of a problem.
Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Less knowledgeable
Problems left unsolved
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
Slow Initial Response


Its antiquated and not intuitive. The system requires a lot of training, just to be able to navigate it. Incorrect selections require an administrator to adjust and correct them, creating an unnecessary lag time for the user. Time is wasted by the softwares slow and clunky mechanisms.
Do not like to use
Unnecessarily complex
Difficult to use
Not well integrated
Slow to learn
Feel nervous using
Lots to learn
  • I did not find any function particularly easy
  • Moving candidates along in the system is very difficult, it requires selecting multiple, sometimes duplicate reason codes. The pick lists are so long, that you spend more time finding an exact match than actually reviewing resumes or speaking to candidates
  • No duplicate check function - candidates can have multiple profiles and aren't easily identified; leading to candidates being screened multiples times or rejected candidates unfairly getting a second chance
  • The calendar is clunky; its hard to view what your schedule looks like
  • No plain and simple dashboard