NICE inContact is only "nice" and not "great"
October 08, 2020

NICE inContact is only "nice" and not "great"

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Overall Satisfaction with NICE inContact CXone

NICE inContact is used company-wide by Endurance Warranty; which is by nature an inbound call center. I suppose the business problem it addresses is "how will our call center employees answer the phones?"
  • Allows our employees to work from home during this pandemic.
  • As the day progresses, and more users are logged in, the latency is almost comedic. By the time I try to address an agent not answering the phones, the screen refreshes and it turns out he's been on the phone for 3 minutes already (despite what my display showed previously).
  • The amount of times NICE inContact logs me out in a day is high, and there's no pattern to it whatsoever.
  • This just might be the package Endurance paid for, but any call answered has to route through 2 different programs before an agent answers it. I don't understand how that is helpful.
  • The learning curve on this program is steep. The implementation was rocky at best; and many phone calls were lost. Expect elongated holds and more customer complaints as your agents overcome the clunky interface.
This system has afforded us to have the most detailed call history data we've ever had. Our individual agent productivity has increased immensely given that we can drill down to the second how that agent spends his day on the phones. This has been the one saving grace of NICE inContact.
In order for an adjuster to answer a call, it has to be "accepted" in 2 different programs. Somehow, they made the easiest part of working in a call center (answering the phone) twice as complex as it used to be. Beyond that, the latency in the interface when all agents are logged in is so drastic, that it makes any live data readouts on hold/call/wait times practically useless.
The historical reporting is very detailed, and we have been able to use all the information it provides to our advantage quite well. It has allowed us to better manage the individual adjusters' time to maximize productivity.

As I have mentioned previously in this review, the real-time dashboards should be taken with a grain of salt, given the latency in load times/refresh rates when an entire company's worth of agents are logged into the system.
Yes - Fonality was replaced with the introduction of NICE inContact. This change was made for the historical reporting and the ability to better monitor individual agents live. Fonality had basically no functionality in either of those regards; so in those specific aspects, NICE inContact has been a strict upgrade.
NICE inContact also allows our agents to work from home, which has been quite handy given the current state of the world.
NICE inContact has allowed Endurance Warranty employees to work from home during this pandemic; and with our previous infrastructure, this was not possible. Should a company expect to have an employee base that works from home more than a physical office, then I would recommend NICE inContact.
I would also recommend looking into their competitors given the litany of issues I have experienced in the past year of use.

NICE CXone Feature Ratings

Agent dashboard
Validate callers
Call forwarding
Click-to-call (CTC)
Warm transfer
Interactive voice response
Call tracking
Inbound call routing
Omnichannel inbound routing
Quality management
Call analytics
Historical reporting
Live reporting

Using NICE inContact CXone

5000 - As Endurance Warranty Services is an inbound call center for the sale of automotive extended warranty AND the administrator of those policies, NICE inContact provides the functionality of making and receiving phone calls.

On the managerial aspect, NICE inContact allows us to better track individual agent activity and productivity with the use of their history reporting
4 - I suppose those individuals would need to have a strong foundation in the IT field, as well as an incredible ability to multitask; given the amount of issues users experience day-to-day when working with NICE inContact.
  • Allowing to work from home during a pandemic.
  • Historic call data reporting to better address agent productivity.
  • Making and receiving phone calls.