Notevault is helping our Mechanical company save on overhead costs and lost time for project documentation
January 24, 2017

Notevault is helping our Mechanical company save on overhead costs and lost time for project documentation

Mike Petrich | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with NoteVault

Notevault is currently being used in our company by field and supervision, as well as on a project management basis. We are using it daily in the field for reports and job progress pictures, tracking labor hours and materials, as well as addressing safety, material or job issues as they arise. It has greatly increased the quality and accountability of daily reports and job status, as well as being 'proof' of progress and work completed to the general contractors and owners we do projects for.
  • Notevault is fantastic at being able to access status and overview of projects and reports for the whole project, to keep tabs on production and where we are at in the sequence and how it's being effected by other trades. This has been a huge time saver when any job issues have come up.
  • Since the field lead has to document and photograph job status daily, and since it GPS locates where the report is being done, it's been great for holding workers accountable for their hours and production, without requiring constant supervision.
  • It's also been fantastic for proving quality and condition of our work. My workers notate and photograph project status and condition daily, so if there's any question of damage by other trades, sabotage by other trades, or other issues, we have plenty of ammunition.
  • Note vault is also great because of how it allows us to save PDF Versions of the daily reports to send to interested parties or customers to show status and conditions. Hard to argue with pictures that are time/date stamped.
  • The labor interface has a bit of a learning curve. It does take some training for both apps but generally the guys can get a handle on it.
  • Adding pictures can be a bit clunky at first, but the guys seem to work it out fast. Like anything, the guys with aptitude for electronics grab it faster than the older guys who are used to old school methods
  • I'd prefer the apps combined into one function.
  • Great return on investment simply because field leads are no longer spending an hour at the end of each day in the truck trying to remember what they did all day, and handwrite a daily report that details it. Information is more accurate and faster since they daily report 'as it happens'.
  • Integration of the pictures into the final report as archival and real world examples make it far easier to justify billing and site conditions
  • Being able to email reports direct to the customer without having to prepare or translate has save countless hours of office overhead and made the entire process much more efficient.
I have not found another program that can do or offers what Notevault does for our company. We like to be on the cutting edge of tech for our industry by investing in the best processes as they become available, but I simply have not found anything comparable to notevault at this point.
It's is absolutely well suited for all daily reporting/documentation needs, also since it essentially 'self archives' you can revisit past projects by logging into the admin panel faster than going to my own archived job files. It saved our skin by documenting where a bad GC Superintendent had been giving false information to the office, and we were able to prove our conditions/progress and alleviate the issue.
It's very well suited for large projects, and ongoing projects. A bit less suited for small fast service type projects. We keep one 'service' job open to document the fast turn over stuff to alleviate that issue.

Using NoteVault

6 - Field operations, Safety, Project management, supervision. All these are using the notevault app and or web module for tracking manpower, materials, job status, safety, etc. It's been a huge cost saver and overhead saver in dead hours and paperwork time.
1 - It requires almost no skill. Our administrative assistant handles most every aspects. Plugging in new labor force, or removing if necessary, updating jobs and certs, following for any issues, and filing the PDF reports for inhouse archives. Really easy to use and requires almost no overhead time to do. Easy is the word!
  • Documenting job status and project quality. We document during the installs and at the end for proof of completion and quality, and any issues can be caught in house before punch list as long as the field is documenting correctly.
  • Proof to owners when disagreement arises. IE: completed install, function, etc.
  • Archive and time saving not having to hand prepare documentation.
It flat works and has paid for itself quickly.