Why and why not to use Oracle12c Database?
Updated May 01, 2021

Why and why not to use Oracle12c Database?

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle Database

We do support our client's Oracle12c databases hosted in two data centers - One in Plano, Texas and One in Cherokee, Oklahoma. We support approx 400 plus DB instances running in different version of Oracle db- Oracle10g, Oracle11g, and Oracle12c. Our client business is in Aviation Industry. This industry demands state-of-art Technology to better serve their customer with the best quality service at affordable cost. This industry demands High Availability and High-Performance system for quick decision making.
  • Oracle12c Data Guard ensures high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for enterprise data. It is one of the oracle finest solution for disaster recovery and data corruption. In this setup - You have one Primary and one or more standby DB in two or more different geographical locations. So, if the database hosted in one location goes down due to planned or unplanned outages, you can easily operate business from remote location database.
  • Oracle12c RAC provides Scale-up architecture. Oracle RAC ensures High Availability. In RAC architecture you have at least two or more physical servers with same configuration connected thru interconnect network. So, if one server goes down, you still have database running from the other(surviving) nodes. In this architecture - You can have appropriate on-demand services. You can easily scale up Servers, CPU, Memory.
  • Oracle12c has amazing Performance Tuning framework. You can very easily fine-tune databases running on Oracle12c. Some of the great features are Oracle ADDM, AWR report, ASH report, SQL report, SQL Plan Management, Tuning Advisor - SQL Tuning Advisor, SQL Access Advisor.
  • Oracle12c has great Back and Recovery solution using Oracle RMAN(Recovery Manager). Without much intervention and work, you can easily restore the database backup whenever and whereever you want.
  • Oracle12c provides great security standards that meet fundamental data security requirements - Data Confidentiality, Data Integrity and Data Availability.
  • Oracle Label Security, Oracle Data Redaction, Oracle Data Masking and subsetting, Transparent data protection, database storage encryption, Unified Auditing, and Oracle fine-grained audit are some great oracle features.
  • In Oracle Data Guard - Oracle standby database is most of the time passive and nothing happening on it other than applying the log. Even in Oracle Active Data Guard configuration - You can not do more than running the business SQL query on the standby. Oracle must come up with solution such that standby database can also be fully utilized as a full operational database.
  • Oracle should improve on Oracle internal locking mechanism, latch, and data concurrency. I have seen databases which runs fine with less number of ACTIVE user sessions. When ACTIVE user sessions are increased in the same database - db performance is deteriorated proportionately. If the database kernel has designed correctly, there won't be any db performance issue regardless of any number of user connections/sessions.
  • In current time - DB growth is very common, today your db size is 20GB, It may be 500GB at the end of the year, so on and so on. With respect to db size increase, Oracle must improve on RMAN(Recovery Manager) backup tool. The expectation is that faster backup and restore as and when needed. There is always a debate that - Please don't run RMAN backup,data pump export backup, and gather stats job during business peak hours as it will impact DB performance. Oracle database should have designed in such that Administrative jobs like Backup, data pump export and DB gather stats should not have db performance impact anytime, at any cost. Even Oracle claims that Oracle DBRM (Database Resource Manager) is solution to this problem, but, in actual, it doesn't address the problem in much better way.
  • Positive Impact - I have been serving as a DBA to a Aviation Industry customer since 2009. Aviation Industry User community believes that Oracle database product is best product in the world. The reason would be it has been in the market for many years, more reliable product and the customer has more confidence in Oracle than others, has good market reputation, so many oracle expertise easily available whenever and where ever needed in affordable cost.
  • Positive Impact - Oracle12c with - ODA, Exadata, Big data appliance, Super cluster, and Oracle12c cloud offering are becoming popular day by day.
  • Negative Impact - Oracle licensing cost has been one of the most debatable topics in business user community every year.
Oracle12c database is Oracle's flagship product and has been there for a long time. Over the years - Oracle Improved a lot both design and feature wise. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle backup appliance, and Oracle Big data Appliance are Oracle's product. Oracle12c Database has been designed to work best on this product. These products are becoming popular day by day.

Scenarios where Oracle12c DB is well suited:

1. Oracle12c DB with ODA(Oracle Database Appliance) is well suited for small to medium OLTP shops, where you don't have much DB workload. Oracle12c with ODA provides DB high availability, High redundancy, and good DB performance.

2. Oracle12c DB in EXADATA with IORM implementation is well suited for mixed DB environment. Mix DB environment is the one in which some databases are development DB, some are Test DB, Some are QA DB, Some are OLTP, and Some are Data Warehouse DB.

3. Oracle12c is well suited for Banking, Financial, Retail, and Aviation Industry.

Scenarios where Oracle12c DB is less appropriate:

1. Oracle12c is less appropriate for small shops like Restaurant business, Hotel/Motel Business, Burger Shop and Coffee House.

2. Oracle12c is less appropriate for Research and Scientific work, Data Analysis, Big data Analytics. The data computational speed is not so good in Oracle world.

3. Oracle12c is less appropriate for Data Messaging industry.

Oracle Database Support

1. I have very good experience with Oracle Database support team. Oracle support team has pool of talented Oracle Analyst resources in different regions. To name a few regions - EMEA, Asia, USA(EST, MST, PST), Australia. Their support staffs are very supportive, well trained, and customer focused. Whenever I open Oracle Sev1 SR(service request), I always get prompt update on my case timely.
2. Oracle has zoom call and chat session option linked to Oracle SR. Whenever you are in Oracle portal - you can chat with the Oracle Analyst who is working on your case. You can request for Oracle zoom call thru which you can share the your problem server screen in no time. This is very nice as it saves lot of time and energy in case you have to follow up with oracle support for your case.
3.Oracle has excellent knowledge base in which all the customer databases critical problems and their solutions are well documented. It is very easy to follow without consulting to support team at first.
Quick Resolution
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
1. We have oracle platinum support for our customer American Airlines Exadata environment.
2. We have oracle premium support for Oracle19c db which are hosted in Oracle Database Appliance.
3. We have extended oracle support for Oracle dbs.
I worked on a sev1 Service request SR#3-25760794641 with oracle support on April 4/26/2021 - 4/27/2021 USA CDT hours.

On April 4/26/2021 at 8:30AM CDT - one of my ODA system server patching (from version 19.9 to 19.10) failed at step - configure ASM priv network - Dup Subnet for .17.* privasm.
We requested for oracle zoom call. Oracle Analyst Charles Lucas from USA MST time zone opened Oracle zoom session. He collected all the information needed to analyze the problem. He applied all his experience to solve this issue. This was one of the unique problem and this type of problem was never encountered with this ODA 19.10 patch bundle. He engaged Oracle ODA Development team for further analysis. Oracle development team took little time to analyze this issue and provided the solution. Oracle Analyst Matt Casaddy joined zoom session on 4/27/2021 and guided me to follow some of the steps of MOS Note - 2612963.1. The problem was finally resolved. It was an exceptional support from Oracle Analyst - Matt Casaddy. I learned a lot of Oracle RAC networking concepts from this Oracle SR request.