is a complete solution that we couldn't be happier with!
Shaun VanWeelden | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 27, 2017 is a complete solution that we couldn't be happier with!

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Pendo is leveraged by our entire organization
- Product uses it to track adoption and create guides and walk-throughs for users
- Customer Success uses it to identify user adoption, NPS score, and early churn risks
- Engineering uses it to track feature usage and build out guides without hard-coding anything into production
- Marketing uses it to promote new features and events
- Sales uses it to identify power users within existing accounts for up and cross-sell opportunities
  • User Segmentation is amazing, we combine our SFDC data with Pendo's usage data and filters to answer super specific questions like "What C-level executives have used our filtering features in the past 14 days at least 5 times"
  • You have full creative control over walkthroughs, tooltips, and surveys and it uses a combination of templates, merge fields, and access to the raw HTML, CSS, and JS to give you complete control.
  • Pendo just works, there's seldom a bug we've come across and its user experience is second to none. It's great for both technical and non-technical people alike.
  • Pendo's main dashboard section is still pretty static with limited ways to get at specific sets of data to share with other users.
  • Checking out an individual user's path through the site is possible in Pendo today, but the view is hard to break down and get actionable insights from.
  • Don't tell our Pendo AE this, but this is probably one of the best tooling investments we made, it has provided value in many more areas than the initial use case we bought it for.
  • It has highlighted several areas of churn risk or poorly utilized features so we can get ahead of them
I compared WalkMe and Pendo back to back, I found the overall product experience in Pendo to be more modern and user-friendly than WalkMe. It seemed like WalkMe relies very heavily on professional services to get the product rolled out and to do anything complex, while Pendo just gave you the tools and UI to do it yourself (but still offers PS if you want to go that route). Both tools had a lot of feature parity at the time of evaluation, but Pendo's came in at half the price. Pendo's company growth and feature growth have been absolutely insane over the past year, this is important to me.
Pendo is a complete solution for both product analytics and user guides. Depending on your needs, it may be overkill in some areas and individual point solutions may be more helpful. It's amazing for companies 50-1000 employees and they're actively developing features to go up even higher in the market. If you have a healthy business and departments within that business, it's likely a really good fit. If your organization is a mess, it may be more difficult to find complete success with this tool. There's a lot of cross-departmental wins this tool allows for.