Stellar communication tool from a stellar team
December 19, 2018

Stellar communication tool from a stellar team

Jonathan Slavuter | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Pendo is currently used by several teams at Conductor. Most notably, the Product, Product Marketing, Customer Knowledge & Support, Customer Success, and Engineering teams. While each department has several different use cases for Pendo, we're actively working towards improving our communication and reporting workflows to establish clear procedures and transparency across teams.

For messaging purposes, we use Pendo to communicate:
  • Surveys
  • Education / tooltips / "learn more" opportunities
  • Report overview training videos
  • Feature enhancements / releases / up-sells
  • Usability Improvements & simplifications
  • Partner announcements
  • Error notifications
  • Engagement nurtures & feature highlights
  • User groups / events
For analytics purposes, we use Pendo to track:
  • Page engagement
  • Feature engagement
  • Visitors & account reports
  • On-going trend and click path reporting
  • NPS surveys
Our main drives in using Pendo are to minimize development resources needed to communicate directly to our users in an agile manner, receive feedback from our users easily, keep users informed in the context of their workflows, and understand how users engage with our application to help substantiate product decisions.
  • Pendo provides a flexible solution to rapidly create and deploy messaging to our users directly in the context of our application. We can target segments of users easily, and can even set up engagement tracking on the guides themselves to gauge how effective they are.
  • We also utilize Pendo for good high-level on-going reporting centered around feature engagement. On the Product team, we reference these reports for our QBRs, as well as during design strategy sessions to substantiate which areas of our application we want to focus on for improvements.
  • We utilize NPS poll data to understand user perspectives, delightful moments & pain points, and use that qualitative data to power customer stories for internal & external presentations on application usage. We also combine that qualitative data with engagement data to further plan ongoing product update efforts.
  • Customer service is top class. Really. Their team is amazing, and I chat with them pretty regularly. I create lots of custom implementations of guides and often have questions about what I can & can't do. Our CSM is super responsive and very knowledgeable. When I have more technical questions, I have an easy time scheduling 1-on-1's with their tech support team, and 98% of the time, my questions are resolved quickly. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the VP of Product regarding their roadmap and was pleasantly surprised to find out that a feature I wanted to suggest is already in the roadmap & being developed.
  • This team is super engaged and cares about their partners. They are a terrific example of how to effectively grow a product, create an environment to foster customer loyalty, and make sure everyone wins.
  • I'd love to see an integration with Airtable, it's my primary organizational tool at this point, and I think it would be quite effective with live Pendo data.
  • I'd love to get more granular data on the analytics side - currently, we use Pendo for higher level reporting (and on-going reporting) on a page / feature basis, but it takes a little time to set up definitions & parse the data. On-demand reporting without a lag would be major.
  • Some parts of the interface have small hiccups (ex: uploading a CSV for a segment doesn't display the CSV name properly), and navigating large tables isn't particularly easy (ex: lack of pagination / scroll area while viewing the guides or pages list)
  • 95% reduction in required dev resources, freeing them up for more product development
  • Roughly a 400% increase in effective customer messaging from 2017 (31 guides) to 2018 (currently, 141 guides), spurring all kinds of engagement from more feature usage & discovery to education & in-app training.
  • 100% of all new features and feature updates are now substantiated by quantitative and qualitative data, in-part sourced from Pendo.
  • Heap
Heap is a tool used only for engagement analytics. It is quite robust and provides a flexible solution for collecting large sets of very granular user engagement data within our application. Definitions are easily created, definition rules are flexible and intuitive, and on-demand reporting is very fast. I use Heap to complement Pendo reporting data as I'm able to report on a more granular basis, and will continue to use it until Pendo is able to offer the same level of flexibility & granularity.
On the messaging front, we're constantly finding new use cases to use Pendo. As previously mentioned, guides:
  • are quick to set up and deploy
  • don't necessarily require dev resources
  • are super customizable and can be targeted effectively
On the analytics front, I'd say that high-level reporting is great, but very granular reporting isn't as easy.