Great product, great team - you won't be disappointed.
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December 11, 2018

Great product, great team - you won't be disappointed.

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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashArray

They monitor or infrastructure and contact us if they notice anything. Any time we've had an issues, they are with us until the issue is resolved. Doesn't matter which member of the team needs assistance, they're always ready to jump in and help. The response time is extremely quick as well.
We use it as our primary storage for all corporate file shares, VM data files, and databases. It is used by the whole organization (although many don know it). We had a huge latency and stability issue with our previous solution. This addressed all of that. It also has much better reporting and diagnostics than our previous solution that helps us keep everything running smoothly.
  • Sub millisecond i/o.
  • Fantastic metrics and reporting.
  • Fast install with hardware.
  • Amazing, amazing support.
  • Answer A: nothing.
  • Answer B: If I haaaaaave to, maybe a bit of a cleaner interface in between the main console, and going into the separate arrays.
  • Amazing. Users don't notice, but the response time really makes them happy.
  • Creating VMs is lighting fast now.
  • Support has been loads better than anything we've experienced.
Of course it has. The installation of M line was extremely quick. Any questions or needs we had afterwards were quickly addressed. The updates/maintenance that is required is something that is automated, so we don't have to touch it.

However, we have had some issues with it playing nice with vCenter, but with the most recent vmWare update and Pure's plugin, those issues haven't happened again, so we're back to easy-peasy.
Do it. Obviously take a look at your needs, but the company is top notch, and the technology is even more top notch. If you're looking for low latency, a secure platform, and support when and if you need it, you can't do any better. Again, it's not the most ideal solution if you're looking for a huge amount of data to just sit there. But if it needs to be accessed, boom, this is your option.
Not even close. We had a huge huge problem with HP. We spent a long time and a lot of money trying to implement their solution, to no avail. Took forever to get to the root cause. The support we interacted with was atrocious. We were on the phone for so long they had to switch techs, and had to go through the same questions again. In the end we finally got to Pure, and haven't looked back.
  • Weren't expecting sub millisecond latency. But it's actually real!
  • Creating VM's is amazingly fast. Help us complete projects much faster.
If low latency is your goal, it can't be beat. If stability is your goal, it can't be beat. If you're looking for cool plugins and features, it's improved on those, but I'm sure there's some better "feature-tastic" options.

If you're looking just for some cold, hard, massively storage for data that doesn't need to be accessed on a regular basis, there are probably better options out there.