QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions - A great small and mid tier solution for business
Updated April 29, 2015

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions - A great small and mid tier solution for business

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Overall Satisfaction with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

It can be used for tracking sales, inventory, expenses for a complex product and services organization. It is being accessed by the entire organization for key information. QBES is an excellent and powerfully capable version of QuickBooks that can be used to handle complex business needs. With extensions, it can handle complex pricing structures, multi-location, serial numbers, lot numbers and more. With extensions, such as Method CRM, you can enable your sales force to see a catalog with current stock status and place orders remotely into QBES. QBES and the Intuit eco-system creates a very effective solution for many complex distribution and manufacturing businesses. For more info contact: info@bocabookkeeping.com

  • QBES is easy to learn so training is simple. Extensive training options exist on the web and in your local area.
  • QuickBooks ES leverages and integrates well with the QuickBooks eco-system of applications such as: merchant accounts, payroll, advanced time tracking, Service Dispatch, CRM, edi, ecommerce stores, and many industry specific applications, ie: medical, legal, complex manufacturing etc. Custom reporting is easy!
  • QuickBooks ES is very affordable for the small and mid tier business. (Fraction of the cost of competitive offerings). Intuit and partners have created a true efficient and affordable solution for mid size complex processes and businesses.
  • QuickBooks ES can be enabled to provide anytime, anywhere, anydevice access to your business information needs.
  • QBES provides extensive capability out of the box. While QBES with advanced inventory permits tracking of serial numbers and lot numbers, it does not permit both. However, there are work arounds or apps to solve for this.
  • QuickBooks ES has enabled Boca Bookkeeping to provide better service, support, and training to our clients. Implementation time is improved compared with many offerings.
  • QuickBooks ES can be implemented by Boca Bookkeeping faster, with less investment when compared with alternative multi user systems. Reducing time to go live, simplifying complexity, and getting to a better ROI faster.
  • QuickBooks ES has excellent unlimited support available 24x7x365
The team at Boca Bookkeeping has implemented many complex ERP mid tier solutions for medical distribution, assembly, and service processes. QuickBooks ES costs less, is easier to implement, and extends it functionality with third party apps to create a significant advantage for the business owner. QuickBooks has a huge install base and is continually identifying new and improved functions to improve the QBES platform.

Comparing timing, costs, function, and support, (Total Cost of Ownership) I have found QBES to win in most all situations.
QuickBooks ES is very well suited for distribution of large quantities of sku's and higher volume. QBES can be easily implemented in many configurations that fit key industries well, such as manufacturing and Wholesale, Contractors, Non Profit, Professional Services, and Retail. When complex manufacturing is involved, app's can be leveraged to extend the functionality and ability to meet very complex business needs. Method CRM extends the availability of QuickBooks ES to enable remote users to have access to QuickBooks information without directly logging in to QB.

Using QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions has the best ROI of the alternatives and we have options to enhance related business processes with applications.

QuickBooks Enterprise Implementation

Implementation can be complex. The biggest challenge is the human element of change.
  • Professional services company
A Certified QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions ProAdvisor was used for imlementation. The knowledge was excellent and extremely valuable.

Boca Bookkeeping implements QuickBooks Solutions. www.bocabookkeeping.com
Yes - Discovery and evaluation
Design / Plan
Go Live
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled

Using QuickBooks Enterprise

With QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, you can manage and control your complex mid size business with tools and products used extensively across the marketplace. Training is simple and available both online and in person when needed with a Certified QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions ProAdvisor. A business solution to meet specific needs of a company can be implemented and customized at an significant savings when compared with most alternative multi user systems.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Entering Bills, Sales orders, invoices, pricing. Communicating documents to contacts such as an invoice, statement, etc.
  • The User interface in intuitive and simple for users to grasp.
  • Bank Reconciliation and bank information with bank feeds creates significant value for the back office staff.
  • Roles can be assigned to customize or limit access to key data areas.
  • Sales commission reporting. This typically requires an application or an export to excel and then some additional steps.
Yes - Remote access is available several ways. Your QBES system can be accessed via remote desktop connect (additional software may be required) or thru applications like Method.me

Also, remote hosting is available to eliminate the complex and expensive need of purchasing local on premise servers.

QuickBooks Enterprise Reliability