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User Review: "Would be lost without Radian6"
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November 20, 2013

User Review: "Would be lost without Radian6"

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  • Word Clouds.
  • Twitter analytics to track hashtags.
  • Finding where users are Tweeting from based on location.
  • Having a longer time period for temporary profiles.
  • Using less bandwidth so computers don't freeze running reports.
  • It has lead to faster response times on social channels and overall strategy planning.
  • It has allowed us to find who is talking about our brands at how they are talking about us.
  • It has increased employee efficiency for reports.
Radian6 is crucial to reports for our clients and monitoring conversations in real time.
Take a training course and really master the ins and outs of the program. It looks scary at first, but once you know what you need to do, it's easy and really beneficial for clients.