Sailthru ESP at a glance
January 04, 2018

Sailthru ESP at a glance

Jake Bodmer | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Sailthru

We use Sailthru as our main ESP to communicate our content to our entire audience. It's used across our entire organization, across multiple departments. Sailthru's been great at helping us deliver more personalized emails to our audience in a more efficient and automated way. The workflow from start to finish has helped multiple departments spend less time setting up emails and lists and more time solving other problems.


  • Complex list segmentation is made easy.
  • Triggered email sends and automated email series can be set up without needing a deep technical background.
  • Documentation and support are robust and very helpful. If it's not already written down I can get support via email or phone within a few minutes.


  • Giving more practical examples of technical setups, sometimes the only way to understand it is to see it.
  • Can't filter lists by date created or date modified, particularly needed when tracking down a specific list or looking to remove older lists.
  • Can't set up automated data dumps to an email address, has to be sent via API.
  • Improved the effectiveness of our email communication as the ability to heavily segment users and personalize content makes our messaging more valuable to the recipient
  • Building out automation has made our team more efficient which has allowed us to focus on other channels that need the attention
Sailthru has a distinct advantage of being a younger more agile company while not having the legacy code that several of the large scale ESP's have. The UX is a strength as well as their frequent features overhaul which seems to develop more every year, they have a focus on improving the use cases of their platform instead of boasting how large or how many features they have.
Great platform for e-commerce as it connects easily with external sales data and automatic triggered emails sent to users in all parts of the sales funnel are a simple setup.
Not the best platform if you're looking to send to large lists repeatedly, you could accomplish this with a less robust tool.

Marigold Engage by Sailthru Feature Ratings

Using Sailthru

8 - Growth and Retention
Marketing Delivery
Deployment Ops
2 - We have two people in-house that are our go-to experts for Sailthru. One handles the frontend for the marketing, strategy, automation, and analytical needs. The other handles the technical requirements API calls, JSON feeds, any additional data that needs to be pushed or pulled from the platform.
  • Sending all our emails
  • Analytical reporting on deployed emails
  • Combining email data with other data sources to paint a broader picture of our audiences engagement with our brand
  • Indexing onsite content into a content recommendation feed used for emails
  • Automating a sequence of personalized sends based on a trigger action
  • Onsite personalization recommendation, using email engagement data to create a better experience for the user once they're no longer in the email and are interacting with the website.
  • Build out greater automation functionality to reduce redundant manual tasks
  • Simplify data structures to increase effectiveness as well as reduce confusion
  • Leverage data in combination with other channel data to engage with users uniquely
Sailthru has met or exceeded all of our marketing needs and that partnership has evolved over the time we've worked with them. They continue to innovate on their end and that has allowed us to improve our marketing efforts along the way.


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