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March 13, 2020
William Reese | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud is primarily used by our Marketing Department. However, employees across the organization will benefit from it. Our organization has not had any formal email marketing solutions during my tenure. Employees tends to implement their own solutions - mainly mass emails from their address books - and then they need to "log" Opens, Clicks, Responses into our CRM system (if at all). Additionally, this method is not CAN-SPAM compliant, so we run a risk of FTC complaints.
  • integration including a connector app, bundled permission sets, user profile permissions
  • Customizable Data Extensions that use either Campaigns or Reports from
  • Customizable Subscription Center for mailing list recipients to manage emails they do and do not want to receive.
  • Administrative interface is quite a bit different than Likely a legacy holdover from it's roots in ExactTarget
  • Security configuration is confusing again a holdover from ExtactTarget
  • Knowledge articles lag behind each release
As the number of nonprofits and the options available to fundraise increases exponentially, it is important to distinguish our nonprofit from the others. One way of doing that is with email marketing in order to maintain engagement with our donors and volunteers. We have multiple "Giving Societies" based on contribution levels. A lot of our donors are members of more than one Giving Society. Marketing Cloud enables us to target our emails efficiently and accurately so that we do not overwhelm donor inboxes and that the messages they do receive are relevant and easy to understand in the context in which that message addresses for that donor.
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February 05, 2020
SENTHILKUMAR VSK | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio is especially useful for custom ad campaigns. It eases the whole exercise by providing handy templates, forms, buttons, text and ensures it reaches the intended recipient on time, with a trace.
  • Personalized campaigns
  • Bulk and tailored messages
  • Data collection while entering the web forms
  • UI issues with respect to template based emails
  • Small business who are particular about the one on one relationship to stay focussed and monetize the business relationship through behavior analysis.
  • Business units that are keen to leverage on omnichannel through Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio.
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May 20, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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We tried to set up Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio and failed. It is next to impossible to set up unless you are an Advanced Salesforce Developer, have unlimited amounts of time and/or unlimited funds to spend on consulting services.
If you are a large company with an unlimited budget and a team of Advanced Salesforce Developers this might be the solution for you! This is also great for those who need NO support or are well versed at deciphering cryptic manuals and incomprehensible emails from support staff in third-world countries who take their time getting back to you.

If you are a small company and are looking to manage your email marketing and don't have an unlimited budget and/or time - this might not be the right solution. Not good for entrepreneurs or people who don't have a high level of technical skill, large team and tons of time to dedicate to it.
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February 29, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We used Salesforce's CRM, so it made sense to go with Salesforce for our email marketing as well. The dashboards and reporting in Salesforce are stellar so we use it for website analytics often, as well.
  • Reporting.
  • Email automation.
  • More granularity in automation.
  • Easier API to hook into.
  • Dashboards per business user.
Well suited for large companies as the price tag is up there. For smaller companies, I recommend Zoho or SharpSpring. As email automation increases in value, however, it's going to get more expensive across the board. Go with Salesforce if you have over 50,000 contacts and plan to have over 100,000 in the near future.
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February 12, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio was only used by the marketing department. We used it to send out our blog posts, promote different events and products, and send out a popular twice-weekly newsletter to subscribers. It addressed the business problem of needing to communicate with customers and potential customers. Email was the biggest channel for revenue for the company, so it was important to have a strong ESP to help us reach our customers.
  • It’s robust so, you can do a lot with it. I love that you can toggle between the WYSIWYG editor and HTML.
  • I love that when previewing a campaign, you can see how it would look for a specific subscriber--very helpful for testing.
  • It looks like something straight out of 1999. The UI is super archaic.
  • The learning curve is incredibly high. There are so many different things you can do, and it takes a long time to learn it all.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio is great for small and large companies, as long as you have a few people who would be using the platform. It doesn’t make sense to spend a ton of money on a platform that only one team member will be utilizing because one person can’t possibly use it to its full potential.
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March 05, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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Our marketing department in EU and AUS uses the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • It integrates with Salesforce CRM
  • It works with workspaces, good for multinational marketing
  • It tracks social media advertising success on the individual lead level
  • It looks like it is 10 years old software that has not improved much
  • It is missing common sense functionality that even free software offers and major functions are buggy
  • Each social media connector is extremely expensive and this is not explained upfront
  • The customer service and management are non-responsive or confused
  • Onboarding is sloppy and happens only when pushing for it
Maybe it will work for companies that receive it for free and are not relying on social media as a key marketing function. If you rely on social media being part of your marketing strategy, you will need a less buggy, more functional system that is known for good customer service.
We are now only trying to get our money back and move on to a different system, but even though it was acknowledged that mistakes were made on Salesforce’s side, we are still waiting. Instead, Salesforce sends us standard training offers to get the most out of our 4 connectors - whatever - and still not even offering additional connectors to get our social accounts connected to our business so our digital team can get on with their job, requesting we pay an additional $50pm for each of these - crazy.
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February 12, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio is used in our Creative department at work. We solely use it for one dedicated client that has a subscription to the service. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio allows us to send out dynamic monthly eNewsletters / eBlasts and has allowed us to effectively target specific audiences.
  • Interface can easily be learned (very user friendly)
  • Able to manage and produce content quickly
  • Expensive for smaller organizations
  • Sometimes can be buggy
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio seems to be suited for large companies that send a lot of emails. If not, it's quite expensive for a small business or someone that doesn't do this to utilize or benefit from it.
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November 06, 2019
Michael Tantouri | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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It's currently being used across the whole organization. We use Salesforce Marketing Cloud for our Marketing Dept to assist the sales organization in connecting with prospects and existing clients. To keep them all up to date with info on the product roadmap, product updates, and future releases and up and coming new features. Also used by Marketing to communicate events and allow registrations. A great feature is the analytics and reporting enabling us to track open rates. It addresses issues such as traditionally not being able to track communications i.e. open rates etc.
  • Reporting, analytics.
  • Automation - scheduling messaging at various times i.e. for events.
  • Lovely UI, easy to use.
  • Limited with mobile - needs development.
  • Contact import functionality can be annoying.
  • Better integration with SF components.
Email marketing campaigns for annual events can be using the scheduler tool - automation. Great way to save time and resources and plan ahead. Also Product, Sales and Marketing Campaigns for brand awareness and lead generation.

Less appropriate when working with external tools such as Outlook - requires better integration to Outlook as emails do not display
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January 09, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Organizationally, we are using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio for consistency. Our brand is a huge priority for us, so by using the tools in the Studio, we're able to maintain a consistent brand feel over thousands of emails.
  • Brand Consistency
  • Scalability
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Overlap with other Marketing Automation tools
  • Lack of customized fields
  • Tough mobile experience
It is vital if your organization is crafting tons of emails across a large employee base and target base. This allows some control within the messaging to keep Brand compliancy at an all-time high even in a 1-to-many email setting.

It is less important if you are using other Automation tools that better connect into other Marketing streams. It does not allow for dynamic capabilities of Account Based Marketing objectives.
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March 26, 2019
Taylor Martz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We used Salesforce Marketing Cloud for email automation to our external partners and also our homebuyers or future prospects. We were able to create email journeys for specific products or groups of buyers, but we were also able to make one-off emails for things like seasonal items, new products, alerts, or holidays. We also used Salesforce Marketing Cloud for internal communication to employees. This way, we were able to ghostwrite for executives and stakeholders within the company, and pre-schedule communications to go out in advance. It also allowed for use to use and analyze reporting and metrics to check things like open rate, click-through, or bounce rate. It helped us find the best day to send emails and which senders (i.e. CEO, CIO, etc.) had the greatest impact on the open or click through rate (CTR).
  • Reporting, tracking history, and analytics.
  • Scheduled sends and automation tools.
  • Coding and HTML formatting, with a content builder tool for easy use for first-time users.
  • Ability to send as someone else (ghostwriting).
  • The content builder is glitchy and frequently crashes.
  • Salesforce cloud stacks go down frequently and you cannot send emails.
  • A better scheduling feature with a built out calendar would be nice.
  • Needs a better translation to Outlook; emails don't always display properly, and functions don't work when integrating with/sending to Outlook recipients.
Definitely great for external marketing communications, but doesn't have as much customization as many marketers would want to see. As for internal communication, it works, BUT it is very limited when sending to Outlook, and many things either break or no longer work properly. Extra spacing is usually added and Outlook can sometimes not perform the way Salesforce Marketing Cloud expects it to.
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February 21, 2019
Sylvia Flores | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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I am using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio for multiple clients. It's great for planning and monitoring social network interactions. What it comes down to, is the ability to really get inside the behaviors and heads of your clients. Because you are personalizing interactions, as a brand, you are giving the client what they want, while really learning more about your audience and their wants.
  • Connecting with clients in a personalized fashion
  • Tracking customer behaviors to build better marketing and branding personas
  • Finding new clients in creative ways
  • The contact import feature sucks.
  • Sometimes when updating files on the platform, they have become corrupted and unrecoverable.
  • When trying out the product as a free trial, you don't get the kind of support that you should to seal the deal - for smaller companies with limited time and budgets, that also sucks.
If you are already using Salesforce, everything within the Salesforce universe is exceptional. If you are using it correctly and taking every advantage, it will help you grow your business, by virtue of having robust data at your fingertips. Email Studio lets you get to know your customers and their behaviors while building a one-to-one relationship with them. It's great for small businesses that are looking to build their brand and create that value-add of customer service, while also building out personas. It can be cost prohibitive for some businesses. However, this is an expenditure that is well worth it. I find it to be very intuitive, but if you are a micro startup with limited time and people resources, you may not be able to get the bang for your buck.
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February 01, 2019
Chris Lesner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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With Salesforce we are able to easily automate all of our customer engagement. One of the cool things that Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets us do with their email marketing software is to create custom channels and workflows and build out extremely detailed drip campaigns. The email templates they give are pretty basic, but also idiot-proof. It's really easy to use and give us all of the data we need to figure out the likeliness of user conversion based on their funnel path.
  • Easy to use funnels.
  • Action based paths that people can go down based on clicks, open-rate, engagement, etc.
  • Easy to use templates for building.
  • Easy to segment lists.
  • It's crazy expensive. Would love if they dropped the price.
  • Could be a cleaner interface, but that is just me. Looks like the rest of the Salesforce backend, which is pretty simple.
  • More A/B testing options would be appreciated.
If you are trying to automate all of your emails by building funnels and paths that consumers can go through that help you feed them better content based on their interests. It's really great if you need to be able to rate a users experience based on their engagement with your organization and create rules that start and stop users from being sent emails.
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June 11, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We used Salesforce Marketing Cloud for our field sales team to communicate with prospective and current customers. It helped close the loop on site visits, calls, etc. The team had dedicated templates that were easily editable to plug in specific customer info and details. We also used dynamic content to help serve the relevant info and content related to the customer's point in the buying journey. We were able to use the analytics and reporting offered by the platform to track performance on open rates, CTR, bounce rates, etc.
  • Reporting, History, and Analytics: Easily track performance based on multiple metrics.
  • Automation Features: Schedule sends and creates logic based campaigns
  • Drag and drop email builder allows teams to be agile without the need to know HTML or any coding
  • More A/B testing options to help optimize content, messaging, and creative.
  • The interface is a bit stale and follows suit with the rest of Salesforce. Could be updated to match competitors and be more intuitive.
  • Knowledge base is not updated fast enough when things change in the platform.
It's great for large field sales organizations that lack the ability to automate email sends that are consistent and on-brand. The idea of templated emails (with the ability to build custom emails) really helps keeps the look-and-feel of each email similar to what the rest of the organization is sending to customers or prospects. This isn't the solution that you'd need if you are looking for an automation tool that easily integrates into other marketing channels. The dynamic content feature is lagging far behind other tools in the space.
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July 06, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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I use Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio in my own role to learn more about Salesforce as an entire universe and system. I use it to learn about how the products complement each other so that I can create more effective marketing content to pass along to our clients and prospects. Our consultants implement products like Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio after conducting thorough business analysis to determine whether or not it's the best fit for the client.
  • A comprehensive email marketing suite.
  • Provides a good segue into other Salesforce Marketing Products.
  • It's important for marketers today to use and implement with clients to create more effective outcomes.
  • None that I can think of -- this platform is comprehensive in terms of functionality, integration, and ease of use.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio, I believe, accommodates a variety of technological experience and comfort. I think it's easy for new users to break into, but then again, I'm a marketer! If you have a sense of social media or other marketing tools, this will be second-nature. It makes even more sense, of course, if it's tied to your Salesforce Org so that you can leverage data and analytics to send more successful email marketing campaigns out to your contact lists. The design ability is also exciting.
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February 16, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio was used by my department to send e-communication to our clients. It helped us understand how our emails and communication is being taken in by our clients, the opening rate, and how we can improve our communication. We used the data to analyze and further improve our email blasts.
  • Easy to use and very well versed user interface.
  • Great customer support service support
  • A lot of templates available to help you start your campaigns with.
  • The implementation was not easy.
  • A lot of training was required to train users.
Its well suited if you want to run marketing campaigns and understand how your email communication is working.
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September 11, 2018
Cassidy Ebert | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio is used within the sales department of our organization because we sell advertising space to clients, and that advertising space often comes in our e-newsletters. We send out e-newsletters every day, with my department in charge of: Financial Planning, On Wall Street, and Bank Investment Consultant. This program allows us to send these newsletters out on a set schedule, to specific email distributions, and allows us to customize the emails to the user who is receiving it. There is little room for error!
  • Sends client confirmations when they subscribe to a newsletter, sign up for a conference, or place an order with our company (SourceMedia). We don't have to hire an agency to send these for us.
  • Manages newsletter subscriptions and allows us to deploy on specific dates/times.
  • Helps us discover and manage the correct audience base per newsletter, and automates the distributions so we don't have to do it manually.
  • It would be nice if the interface was more user-friendly, it's simple to me because I've used the service for a while but it can sometimes take a while to train new employees.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Suited is great for businesses who send a lot of emails out on a regular basis, who have to manage many different distributions or email subscriptions, and who are looking for help managing audiences and automating responses. It might be less suited for an organization that does not use email communication or who just sends out 1-2 emails per week.
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April 06, 2018
Gareth Beer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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SFMC is being used by the digital team to manage our marketing communications. The application improves our ability to send targeted, regular communications to our consumers.
  • Predictive intelligence - SFMC provides excellent analysis and recommendations through its AI assistant Einstein. The recommendations will help drive improvements in our marketing communications
  • API connectivity - we have integrated a number of 3rd parties via the API suite which proved easy to implement
  • Journey builder - the process of creating targeted campaigns is easy using the SFMC journey builder. Both native and external data is available in the same interface
  • Reporting - the suite of reports available to the users is comprehensive and allows us to make data-driven decisions
  • Deliverability reports - before sending emails they are checked for known issues and deliverability performance. The SFMC offering is ok but could be better. There additional software that can be purchased which should be included as part of the offering
  • SF should make it easier to integrate other clouds i.e commerce cloud and service cloud. The implementation of commerce cloud has improved but I still feel there is a way to go
SFMC is suited to medium and large organisations who need to send large volumes of emails and or SMS. It works particularly well for us having multiple brands administered via the same system. This allows for cost and efficiency savings to be realised.
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May 01, 2018
Daniela Belevan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio is being used by the marketing department of our company. It helps create highly personalized emails with the easy tool of drag-and-drop. It helps address the problem of not having an organized system to send out emails to a large number of people. It keeps your email marketing campaigns organized which helps your whole team with productivity.
  • Easy to create email marketing campaigns. A lot of helpful tools and help if you get stuck somewhere along the way.
  • Integration with other programs, such as Salesforce CRM is phenomenal.
  • Easy to set up and track A/B campaign testings.
  • Extremely expensive. If you're a small business, forget about it, unless this is your ONLY option. There may be other great email marketing platforms out there that work just as well
  • A very long process to send out an email. Step by step...
  • Sometimes the platform is slow and buggy
It's well suited for a large company who sends a massive amount of emails to a LOT of people very frequently. If not, don't bother because it's very expensive. A small or micro business may not benefit from this platform due to the price. But if your company mainly focuses on email, then go for it.
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March 02, 2018
Gaurav Gautam | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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We have used Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio not only for designing email creatives and templates but also for personalizing, AB testing, Multi-variate testing and customizing onboarding experience for new and prospective customers. It has immensely helped us in improving efficiencies, decreasing CAC, reducing customer churn and improving conversion of visitors to customers and customers to our loyal customers base.
  • Ability to create powerful and feature-rich segments to personalize campaigns.
  • Easy to use tool for data operations as well as for creating email templates and creative.
  • Ability to leverage platform capabilities to do effective AB and multivariate testing.
  • Simplify the creation of multi-variate testing.
  • Simplify role management.
  • Data-driven email marketing for higher conversion and ROI
  • Personalization of email campaigns
  • Data management and usage from cloud ecosystems
  • Very simple UI to create AB tests and review results
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October 16, 2017
Bogdan Enache | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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The SFMC is used as the platform of choice for TELUS Business to:
- Build and deploy communications for Marketing and Sales online initiatives
- Automate various emails based processes
- Generate leads into the SFDC CRM via build and hosted web pages (with lead generating web forms).
- Synch, update and get updates with and from SFDC data (contacts, leads, cases, surveys, etc.)
  • Tight integration with SFDC - easy to create, update and retrieve records information from our CRM of choice (Salesforce).
  • Customization power - through the available AMPScript language you can really take the customization to the next level for all your data capturing, tagging and reporting needs.
  • Intuitive interface - it offers a good user experience for its users whether they are seasoned developers with direct access to code or less technical folks that prefer drag and drop or WYSIWYG editors.
  • (Lack of) Web Tracking - it offers minimal tracking capabilities for web visit(or)s and the ones that are in place don't provide an easy way to allow you to use that data in building reports or automation.
  • No Web Forms - if most of your marketing campaigns include a call to action pointing to a web form submission, the SFMC doesn't have a "web form asset" per se that you can build. You could still achieve the same functionality by deploying cloud pages and/or microsite AMPScript pages that use Data Extensions as tables to hold data but that doesn't come out of the box.
  • Customization brings Complexity - OK, maybe this is not a con but sometimes it feels like one. In order to build your own custom way of segmenting, importing, filtering data, having triggered sends, etc. you need to create a lot of assets on the platform. Think of it like small Lego bricks that you need to build first then combine them in a larger brick that is part of an even larger construction.
The Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform is well suited for companies looking to deploy and automate Marketing and Sales communications in general but where it shines is in the scenarios where you need a cross platform solution between the Sales and Marketing Clouds because your need involves either capturing data in the Salesforce CRM (email metrics, leads, etc.) or using some of the CRM data as part of the campaign itself (i.e. segment your audience, dynamic email content with CRM data fields or logic).

Its weak point is the web tracking capabilities if your web tracking needs go beyond displaying some charts of visits and visitors (aka use web metrics as part of your email automation, lead scoring, etc.)
They're fast and knowledgeable. You will always know what's the status of your request and they usually follow up with phone calls to ask you questions or provide updates. Sometimes it takes them a couple of days to investigate, especially if you have custom "situations" like my company usually does but at least they are very good at managing time expectations.
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February 01, 2018
Rose Grant | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio for mostly promotional emails and our newsletters. All admins create their own emails so it's used across all departments. It helps our org create professional and sleek emails without having to waste too much time on templates and formatting. It also helps with campaign management, analytics, and tracking what gets attention in our emails.

  • Templates
  • E-commerce emails
  • Interface that's user friendly for admins
  • Cost ROI
  • Database not particularly admin friendly
  • Email lists not intuitive + we wished there were more options
It's great for organizations where admins want an easy way to create email campaigns. It saves time and gets results. It's also good for admins that don't like too many choices - this is maybe not for tech savvy users who want a ton of customization options. Some orgs would prefer only a handful of decent design and customization choices, which this is great for.
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September 25, 2017
Sherice Dominguez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio is being used as an add-on with Marcomm Central. We used the Marketing Cloud to send emails and create templates on behalf of dealers. The dealers were able to select emails in Marcomm then send the email out to their perspective lists based on product-specific templates.
  • The email WYSIWYG is great. You can create custom templates for less experienced users to easily drag and drop images or text without the whole email breaking.
  • The integration with other systems is also something that has been beneficial. Salesforce in particular.
  • Dynamic content is super simple with the marketing cloud. You don't have to create any custom script or utilize another language to make this happen.
  • The speed of the system could definitely be improved. Lists could be loaded faster.
  • Also creating complex lists can be difficult. It really isn't a drag and drop type of functionality. Programming has to be used to get really complex.
  • You have to buy multiple tools for what other marketing automation platforms provide out of the box. You also have to move from one "studio" to another. It needs to be tied together more.
I do not like the whole Pardot and Marketing Cloud model. They need to combine the two tools. It's hard to jump from one to another when you need to create a journey. Again, one tool to do it all approach would make for a better customer experience. I hope they have that planned for the future of the Marketing Cloud.
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August 04, 2017
Abby Perfetti | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
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I used Salesforce Marketing Cloud for about six months when I worked for a popular county tourism agency. We had very high hopes for its email platform, but were disappointed. I used it to email our list of about 12,000 people twice a month (people across the country who signed up for our e-news), and another smaller email list once a month (locals in our industry). My team was under the impression that we could use all sorts of automation features, dynamic content, and other tools that would increase our capabilities and marketing effectiveness. Instead, we found that the interface was difficult to use and quite outdated for 2016. Every task took tons of research, even though our entire team was quite tech-savvy, and we were constantly paying more than we expected.
  • They make a good sales pitch.
  • I think for really large companies that sends huge emails every day to consumers, it could be more useful.
  • They have many types of products to offer.
  • The interface was really challenging to use because it was out of date and not user-friendly. It doesn't even compare to any of the other platforms I've used (MailChimp, Constant Contact, or Emma).
  • Emails did not look like they did in the editing phase, so things turned out unattractive and out of our control despite having a designer on our team with plenty of coding skills.
  • Dynamic content turned out to be way harder to set up than we were told, so we couldn't use it, and that was the main reason we signed up for the Marketing Cloud.
It is probably better suited for very large retail companies that send lots of emails daily, with dynamic content depending on data like what users have bought, what their interests are, etc. It is not a good fit for smaller companies. It's too expensive, the interface looks like it was designed in 2001, and the features are really challenging to use even for someone who uses new technologies all day.
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June 12, 2017
Leigh Nolan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
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We needed an HIPAA-compliant platform for our company. Our only choices were Eloqua and Salesforce/Marketing Cloud. We use Marketing Cloud as our automated marketing platform, for marketing only.
  • Secure data
  • Bad User Experience. June 2017 and it reminds me of a Microsoft Wizard tool from the 90s. It's clear that the functionality is several different companies/platforms mashed together with very little thought to the end-user's day-to-day needs, or any concept of integrating the separate functions.
  • Expensive & difficult to set up. Do not think you can set this up yourself in a day and get marketing (unless you have dev/Salesforce admin training). This tool is overly-complicated.
  • Reporting needs to be configured. Don't think that your automated email programs will automatically report on key campaign KPIs for you or that Marketing Cloud will create a slick homepage dashboard. Nope. You need to pay someone to do that for you. Or spend a few hours in dev tools trying to build it yourself. Even then, it looks like I've traveled back in time to 2008.
  • Doesn't use HTML5. For some very stupid reason, someone thought it was a great idea to not use standard, internationally accepted code. Think that you'll be able to upload a CSS folder and all of your email templates will pull your email style? Think again. Unless you create locked templates, every time you add a CTA button, you'll have to re-select your brand colour from the default blue. Over and over.
  • Link tracking is dumb too. Again, someone really smart decided that instead of a normal tracking parameter, MarketingCloud will actually redirect/interupt your URL to track the click/conversion. So, device detection is gone. If your link is going to either open an app or open a web page - you'll need to turn OFF MarketingCloud tracking. (God I miss MailChimp)
  • How-tos are still outdated. Dev Tools & How-to demonstrations are outdated with old screenshots and some even use Exact Target wording. MarketingCloud wants you to spend money with their 3rd party partners in setting it up, so they don't make set-up easy.
  • Unsubscribe Default Page. Ready to laugh? Do you know that their default unsubscribe page still asks for your customers if they want to opt-in to HTML or text only? Like this is 2008 or something... Also, this page isn't really 'brandable'. You'll opt for the "BrandBuilder" option. That basically means that your logo appears on 2 pages. That's it. You can't update the fonts, upload a CSS file for styles... nothing like that. BrandBuilder means your logo will appear in the top left when you log in, and on your Subscription Preferences page that your customers see.
Unless you 100% need the top-of-the-line data security, don't opt for Marketing Cloud. They will tell you what it can do, but not how expensive (or how hard) it is to set it up perfectly.
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July 21, 2017
Emmanuel Galván | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud is used across the whole organization. It is mainly used for email marketing purposes.
  • Creation of Data Extensions - for target lists.
  • It's easy to set up A/B Testing campaigns.
  • The mobile app is not bad.
  • Very poor analytics for tracking email campaign performance.
  • The platform is not intuitive at all and requires a lot of work to maintain.
  • It can be very slow sometimes.
If you're a very large organization with a very big team, a very big budget and you're already dependent on other Salesforce products then Salesforce Marketing might be the best choice. If that isn't the case, then you'll be better off using a different platform.
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WYSIWYG email editor (2)
Dynamic content (35)
Ability to test dynamic content (2)
Landing pages (2)
A/B testing (35)
Mobile optimization (2)
Email deliverability reporting (4)
List management (3)
Triggered drip sequences (3)
Dashboards (2)
Standard reports (3)
Custom reports (2)

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email is an email marketing platform. It used to be called ExactTarget and was rebranded after its acquisition by Salesforce.

This email marketing platform allows companies to build relationships with their clients with speed, precision, and flexibility. This solution enables the creation of tailored and relevant content in any language. With the drag-and-drop tools, you can create an email in minutes and send real time transactional emails such as cart abandonment and shipping confirmations. Additional key features include A/B Testing Tools, Real Time Tracking and Graphical Reporting.

Whether you're looking for standard email marketing features or sophisticated cross-channel campaigns, you'll never outgrow our capabilities. From increasing email send volume and empowering users around the world to adding new customer communication channels to your brand strategy, we can help. Connect to your customers in a whole new way with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio Features

Email & Online Marketing Features

Has featureDynamic content
Has featureA/B testing
Additional Features
Has featureDeliverability Tools
Has featureEmail Tracking and Reporting
Has featurePlaybooks
Has featureAdvanced Content Management
Has featureDrag-and-Drop Segmentation
Has featureTriggered Messages
Has featureAutomation Solutions
Has featureDistributed Sending

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  • Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
  • Entry-level set up fee?No

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Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android
Supported Countries:Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish