Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio Review
November 22, 2022

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio Review

Andrey Lokshin | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • Cloud Personalization Studio

Overall Satisfaction with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio

We use Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio to track our customers expertise match to sales as an helicopter view for Unified User profile while been developing software product for them to fit with demand (continuous product improvement). I makes us and our partners available to consider the product focus we need to achieve to get the solution which satisfy clients needs and improve leads convertion rate. The main problem it is used for is management tool for Digital Marketing to i mprove customer retention through use of web analytics and email campaighn management. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio is great visualisation tool which is web campaighn focused but has a huge space to grow once big data experience will be counted. So, it is very helpfull for our digital marketing (web, emails) but not has feed of analytics if you use cold calling practice mostly (separate solution in Marketing Cloud) and has no solid UpWork API integration (no gateway for mass hire, only custom integrations).


  • Unified User Profile analytics - big picture you need
  • WEB and Email campaighn focus (no excessive CRM information for work with data flow)
  • A/B testing for leaded campaigns - must have for any pro application
  • Triggered experience use (returning customer)
  • Segmentation and Targeting of your prospects and repeating sales to identify core factors


  • AI - foe efficient use of neural networks it could be not enough for mid sized company to use only own customer experience quantified to recommend you best venue for sales promotion and lead generation. If there could be legal way to get connect to Sales Force Big Data - all customer experience, all companies, all industires with use only public data while personal data inaccessible by 3-d party, - so that would made predictions more solid in terms of statistical significancy. Now you are checking for reasonability and must have critical view for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio AI recom, no blind use.
  • Integrations need also service market places inclosed (UpWork, Toptal or even Glassdoor)
  • Add focus on active sales by call leads, meeting reports - to track influence on future sales. If we were growing regularly 5% via email campaigns, once we met key account customer on Conference and got growth rate 15%, we must see impact separately for both.
  • Could be great to have a king of counter party Credit risk appreciation. Probably some financial or ESG rankings to filter insolvent counerparties or those who have minimum probability to be in demand of good or selrviece promoted to be sold (lost leads - you send but the company will have no intention to buy anyway). Could be added to Scoring Models for user profiles stats as additional or blocking rank. So if prospect is only talking but not working it must not be incuded in campaign.
  • Customer Journey Flow - must be focust not only events (send to repeating customer), but we must collect data on features why leads was lost and have a kind of "reqirenments gathering parallel flow" to collect features as factos of lost leads and sales and Continuously improve Product first rather sending all those mentioned emails again and again. Focus on product featues first.
  • Great Visualisation
  • Fits our Digital Marketing focus
  • A/B testing
  • Unified Customer Profile stats to see if we are developing and offering product at right market niche)
  • Less marketing headcount employed
  • Fater A/B analytics for testing of the campaigns
  • Trust in all "Sales Force family" products - no need to try any other applications
  • Product is continuosly improving
Salesforce is faster and has better and more logical visualisation. Salesforce is evolving and has more relevant products from one vendor. Salesforce proved its course to AI supported user activity. AI module exists in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio, sure will be developed deeper to get the product feature of AI co-work to help you with sales and leads convertion to save your time and reward efforts. S Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio is less focused on project management, team messaging but if we talking about sales it is generally external activity money comes from.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio IS is primarly focused on Digital Marketing. It is less appropriate if you work is connected with key accounts activity. If you are serviece company you could be missing integrations with marketplaces like Zillow, Corporate UpWork account for sending campaignes (offers), only web tracking of prospects actions via 3-d party add ons. If you are considering AI support in choosing right promo activity - you could be missing enough you own historical data to feed to algorhytm to get sustainable forecast (or even binary). So Artificial Intelligence engine is for large companies only or till the era of "faceless" Big Data will come true.

Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio

2 - Marketing and Product development team
1 - Marketing team member, bachelor degree.
  • Lead generation
  • Software product tailoring
  • Customer markets intellogence
  • It fits our current stage, not pioneers but movers
  • Looking for UpWork and other marketplaces integrations (active offering not only analytics)
It is just the best for mass market if you have no budget for hundred nerds team.


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