Sauce Labs is the way to go!
Deon Cravalho | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated October 01, 2019

Sauce Labs is the way to go!

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Overall Satisfaction with Sauce Labs

We use Sauce Labs to run all of our automated tests (that require a user-interface) on their provided VMs, primarily being used by the QA Engineering team. We have web/front-end tests consuming VMs, as well as mobile tests running on emulators/simulators.
  • Always up and running: I'd say 99.9% it's up and running, as I've rarely experienced any down time with their VM farm machines.
  • Reliable: we run our automated tests on their VMs at least every hour, around the clock, and their service is very reliable and working properly.
  • Community: good online community of other people using Sauce Labs with tips/tricks; often see Sauce Labs at conferences and it's nice to talk with them about what they have planned (new features).
  • New features added: dashboard tools with good drill down capabilities, as well as grouping features. This allows us to see what test(s) are constantly failing and what the issue(s) were each time.
  • Cost: it's a little bit pricey, but I don't pay the bill so I'm not complaining too much there. Overall, I'd say the price isn't ridiculous but it's not inexpensive.
  • Logs: I don't find their logs very useful for front-end web tests, I usually refer to my own logs if I have a bug/issue/error that needs investigation.
  • Achieve continuous delivery
We have a pipeline that moves dev code onto testing servers, and automated tests are subsequently auto kicked off and ran against Sauce Labs VM's. We run our pipeline around the clock, every hour, so we need a reliable service like Sauce Labs that is virtually always up and running.
My company is not in financial services, but we do trust that our data is secure in Sauce Labs. I haven't taken a deep dive into looking at their security measures, so I can't give much feedback on this subject matter.
On the web we support Chrome, and that browser is available in Sauce Labs (SL), in many different OS/version combinations. It provides us with what we need for our front end web tests.

On mobile, it provides all the device and platforms we need support for, from iPad to iPhone to Android to tablets.

Overall, SL seems to cover all the bases for web and mobile platforms/devices needed.
In my previous company, I built my own VM farm of machines and managed them for running our automated tests against. By doing this yourself, you learn a lot, but it consumes a lot of your time and becomes a big headache to be honest. Mainly, it is the time consumption of managing/upkeep on the VM's. It almost becomes a FT position job, to manage the VM farm on your own.

Since using Sauce Labs, it now provides a reliable farm of VM's and I can focus on doing what I enjoy (coding) instead of trying to manage/upkeep my own set of VM's.

Without a doubt, Sauce Labs is the way to go. Don't even think about trying to manage your own VM farm.
We currently do not use the Sauce Labs Proxy, so I do not have enough info on this feature in order to provide much feedback.
I haven't used any service like Sauce Labs, but we use JIRA Software. I don't think it would be fair to judge the two against each other, as they both accomplish different things.
I used to manage my own set of VMs and it was a major time-consuming task, complicated by trying to make sure they were always up/running. Now using Sauce Labs, this is no longer an issue as their VMs are up virtually all the time. This allows me to do more coding and less of the hectic VM management (issues, administrative, security updates, etc.).